Euphoria Season 2: Did Rue die from overdose?

“Mid-season episodeEuphoria“Indicates Rue ( Zendaya) Although her normal highs and lows are passed, many fans are convinced that an ominous hint is underway by the end of the episode.From the start of the show, from the confusing montage to the narration, everything seemed so chaotic, so at some point the audience would probably just be perhaps, Are our core figures really dead in the whole series? !!in the meantime The creator of the series, Sam Levinson, seems to have shattered that particular theory.Following the explosive ending of Season 2, Episode 4, which is very reminiscent of the season 1 finale, fans are once again wondering: Did the rude die from overdose? Is there any truth in the speculation? Let’s disassemble first!

What happened to RueEuphoria“Season 2, Episode 4?

Episode 4 begins with Lou’s monologue, which describes how much she loves Jules.Titanic, “,” Snow White “,” Brokeback Mountain “.But by the end of the episode, after finishing the battle with Jules, Lou returns to her home and takes the pill she bought from her lorry (what she should do). sale) And she falls into a hallucination, where she enters a church that appears to be having a funeral. Lou imagines she hugging her father while hugging her. Church soloist (played by Labyrinth).. “I’m sorry to disappoint,” Lou tells her father, she sobbing and looking up at her light and hugging her.

Did Lou die from overdose at the end of Episode 4, Season 2 of “Euphoria”?

Rue has become a little vendor throughout the episode. Not only is she secretly taking medicine while hanging out with Elliott and Jules (Elliott finds a drug residue on his bathroom counter at the beginning of the episode), she drinks. The idea that the four tablets that Lou took at the end of the episode could lead to overdose is not a big deal. But did she die?

There are some hints to death through Lou’s hallucinations, fans say that the funeral she imagines is her own, and her shot looking up at the light means she’s dead. I’m pointing out. Adding more fuel to these theories, Episode 4 ends with a shift in narration from Rue’s perspective to Jules’ perspective. “I love you. I’ve always been with you. Before you were born … until after you left,” says Lou. “Before we exist,” Jules ends. Does Jules becoming a narrator mean that Lou is dead?

The promotion for Season 2, Episode 5 may also indicate Lou’s death. It starts with the police siren Welling, Elliott says, “I liked her like her,” and she seems to be talking about Lou in the past tense.

Then we cut into a shot of Lou’s sister, Jia, sitting beside her, crying and curling up in bed. Are they mourning the loss of Lou? Only future episodes will tell you!

Why Lou probably isn’t dead in Euphoria

Episode 4 puts us on the edge of the seat to understand Lou’s fate, but at the end of the episode, Lou stands in her room, swaying slowly to hug someone. I will clarify that. It suggests that she was alive at the end of the episode and hallucinated the entire scenario due to the medication she took throughout the episode. In four post-episode features, Levinson hinted at the idea that Lou’s hallucinations are exactly that. “This season I really wanted to take in this other world a bit. This spiritual world. When Lou gets really high, she can enter this place between her life and death and reunite with her father. I always imagined. ”

It’s not impossible that Lou’s state could change between episode 4 and episode 5 events, but she Zendaya — The leading actress of the Emmy Award-winning show. Maybe she won’t be immediately exported from the show when there are a lot of her characters that haven’t been explored yet.

For example, this trip may have been a call to Lou’s awakening, but does the show seek to make her seriously clean? Needless to say, you need some sort of fallout in terms of Jules and Elliott being a little too fun to make behind Lou, right? Given Raleigh’s dialogue in the preview of Episode 5, she talks about the effects of the medicines she is taking on the chemistry of her brain, so at this point she is elsewhere in Lou’s well-being. It can pose a far greater threat than anything else.

In any case, there will be an answer when “Euphoria” Season 2, Episode 5 will air on HBO at 9 pm EST on Sunday.

Euphoria Season 2: Did Rue die from overdose?

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