Euphoria: The Meaning Behind Lou’s Maroon Parker

“Second seasonEuphoria “ Continue to explore The reality of substance abuse disorders And it has an adverse effect on human physical and mental health.look Rue continues on a dark and dangerous road Substance abuse throughout the season, even at the risk of losing her loved ones. Lou’s personality and her desires have been confused along the way, but one of her hallmarks is her attachment to her azuki-colored hoodie. Rue says, “Euphoria“When she returns from rehab. Seeing her wearing it at some point throughout the series, in episode 5 of Season 2, when Gia packs Rue’s hoodie and goes to rehab, Rue I tremble when I find a hoodie in my clothes.

What is the importance of Rue’s Maroon Hoodie?

At the end of Season 1, we will learn it Parker belonged to his deceased father, The person who wore it during the fight against cancer. In Season 1, Episode 8, when she returns from the station after Jules leaves, she sees a flashback of Lou entering her father’s room because her mother is crying. She finds a red-colored hoodie, picks it up in her hand, and crying out wearing it. For Lou, Parker is more than what her father wore and is a security blanket. She seems to be wearing a hoodie as a form of comfort throughout the series to help remind her of the feel and hugs of her deceased father.

During her best of Season 2, Episode 4, Lou illusions that she is at the funeral.She slowly enters and finds Jules and Elliott sitting in the pew, but her focus is labyrinth, Azuki-colored person singing in front of the congregation. When she arrives in front of the church, she hugs the labyrinth tightly, and the scene switches to hugging her father wearing her maroon hoodie instead of her. Lou hugs her father, she says she’s not a good person, and she apologizes for disappointing him. But her father replied that he knew her and he was always with her. Lou is anxious for her father’s love and her presence, and at this point in her substance abuse disorder, it is overpriced to bring her closer to her father.

What does Color Maroon mean?

The azuki color itself can be symbolized Strength and loveIt reflects Lou’s love for his father and the strength he feels when wearing a hoodie. However, wearing azuki-colored Intense passion and even anger, That is the heart of Lou’s sorrow. She deals with various emotions due to substance abuse disorders. This is seen throughout the show, especially in the first part of Episode 5.


After finding it Jules and Elliott Not only did she tell her mother about her recurrence, but they helped pour the medicine in her suitcase into the bathroom, and Lou expresses her fear through an outburst of anger. In these scenes, Lou isn’t wearing a hoodie and her emotional state is out of control. Her Lou is angry with her illness and feels she is not a good person or deserves the love of her father.

It’s easy to forget that Lou is only 17 years old because of hardship and trauma. But hoodies don’t just represent comfort and safety. It reflects Lou’s inner strength and her strong will, and may ultimately help her overcome her substance abuse disorder.

Euphoria: The Meaning Behind Lou’s Maroon Parker

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