Euphoria: What happened to Fezco’s grandma?

From his first introduction Fezco character upon Euphoria Was one of the most intriguing. So it’s no wonder that the second season is exploring further about his history, including his relationship with his grandmother.If you are wondering what has happened since the first season Fezco’s grandmaGood news: The show is finally giving some answers.

What happened to Fezco’s grandma Euphoria Season 1?

Fez’s grandmother is a little mysterious in the first season of Euphoria.. We first “meet” her when Lou does so, that she is lying in the bed of her house in Fezco, apparently in a coma, or otherwise helpless. find. Fezco eventually tells Lou that his grandmother can’t see or hear her. Little by little, it’s clear that Fezco is taking care of her, but the situation of how she got sick and how Fezco became her caretaker remains a mystery throughout the season.

Inside story of Fezco’s grandma about Euphoria

The premiere of the second season will provide more information about the history of Fez’s family. Flashbacks show that Fez’s grandmother Marie was the one who rescued him and sent him to the dark road. When he was a child, she rescued him from his abusive father and took him (with an abandoned baby). ashtray!! ). She is also the source of his drug trade: from an early age she took him to her “business” as a “partner”. Despite their different lifestyle, her love for him is obvious.

These flashbacks also provided the closest we still got to the answer to what happened to Marie, which led to her seemingly comatose now. In a flashback, Marie collapses at home and in front of Fezco, who is still a teenager. Instead of calling her 911 to their home and endangering evidence that her “her family business” was discovered, Fezco decided to take her to the hospital herself.

The exact nature of Marie’s condition has not been revealed (it may be drug-related, but it could also be another medical event such as a heart attack or stroke). In any case, Fezco’s decision to drive herself will increase the time it takes to get her medical care and negatively impact her recovery. If he had called her ambulance, she would have been more likely to recover.It’s another devastating twist that explains some of the behind-the-scenes stories behind one. EuphoriaThe most complex characters of..

Euphoria: What happened to Fezco’s grandma?

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