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If it’s like every season, “Euphoria“Because it’s more chaotic than last time. I saw it in the episode on January 30th. Cal (Eric Dane) Completely spiral, Lou (Zendaya) struggling with Jules (Hunter Schafer) And with her substance abuse, and Kathy (Sydney Sweeney) is absolutely defeated by Nate (Jacob Elordi) Because she loves him dangerously, despite the fact that he is still dating a kind of her best friend. Of all this, there was a small moment that was almost overlooked because of how noisy the rest of the story was: f * ck The question of who Nelson is.

In a short scene in the middle of the episode, when the door is knocked, Fez (Angus Cloud), Ashtray (Jabon Walton), and Faye (Chloe Cherry) freeze at home. One of Fez’s friends (a colleague, acquaintance, fellow drug dealer?) Is there to tell Fez that “Nelson’s Baby Mom” ​​is asking a question. We immediately thought that Nelson was the real name of the mouse. in the end, Ashtray killed mouse at the beginning of the season Quite cruelly, with a hammer. When I heard this statement, it was difficult to read about Fez well, but Fez seemed frustrated and frustrated.

Twitter is just as confused as we are Who is Nelson really..Some jokingly said, “You told me The name of the mouse was Nelson?? #Euphoria I’m not afraid of a midfielder named Nelson. “

However, some fans believe that Fez’s colleague actually said the mouse, and viewers just misnamed him Nelson. The responses are fairly fragmented, but most of the time there is confusion.

In any case, sooner or later you will get an answer as to who “Nelson” is (and perhaps his “Baby Mom”). “Euphoria” introduces new questions as quickly as answering new questions each time an episode passes, so wait at this point.

“Euphoria”: Who is Nelson? | Pop Sugar Entertainment

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