Euphoria: Why is Nate Cal’s greatest regret?theory

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The family may be tough, but the TV family seems to be as tough, complex and messed up as the Jacobs family.Euphoria.. Episode 4 Season 2 It was full of dramas, so to be honest, it was hard to catch up. Rue, Jules, and Elliot He robbed the store and threw it at all his friends, but for some reason Karl Jacobs delivered the roast to his family, the hottest tea served all night.

Cal Jacobs’ monologue from “Euphoria” Season 2, Episode 4

Cal stayed at the front door of his house, standing on his piss, so he basically tore the whole family.One But the most complicated line of his monologue was that his son, Nate, was his greatest regret... “Are you living a double life? Not my biggest regret. You are,” he says, pointing at Nate. He goes on to say,

“Nathanial, your entire life is a secret. It’s a mystery. Who knows you? I live with you, I raised you, I’m your father. I don’t know anything about you. That’s not true. I know you angry. I’m sorry, I made you angry in my double life. OK, maybe I’m extremely Take mine, I admit it. I have a problem, but this is the reason I have a problem Family. So. I want to form an emotional connection Not forgiven, I’m an emotional man. You cornered me. But what do you know? I think you released me. So this is goodbye. “

There was a lot of adoption of the whole solitude, but the line that Nate was Cal’s greatest regret was very much because it was the baby that prevented his brother Aaron from being with his first love, Derek. It was impressive. To be honest, Cal doesn’t seem to like Aaron very much either. So many say that Nate is his greatest regret. So there should be more.

Why is Nate Cal’s greatest regret for “Euphoria”?

Like most of the “Euphoria”, there is probably more to tell Cal that Nate is his greatest regret than what is on the surface.

Cal is looking at himself with Nate

One of the reasons Cal feels so strongly about Nate is that he knows how similar the two are. Nate is a narcissist and an abuser. He doesn’t seem to love at first glance, and we see it through his relationship with both Kathy and Maddy.. From what we’ve seen, he doesn’t feel loved by people in his life and he doesn’t really love them, at least for his family, Cal is an emotion (“I’m not allowed to form emotional connections, and I’m an emotional man,” he says in a confession). In his first season, Nate learns that she doesn’t like her mother. After Cal had such a strong love for Derek, he was disappointed that Nate didn’t love anyone like that. The twisted dark part of Kal lives very strongly in Nate.

Cal regrets the impact on Nate

Cal’s regret for Nate may be about his own actions and how his actions affected Nate’s outcomes. Nate doesn’t live a real life, and Cal may think he contributed to it. As he says in solitude, “I’m sorry, made you angry in my double life. OK, maybe I took mine to the extreme, I admit it. Eric Dane, who plays Cal, seems to agree with this theory. “”I want to say that there is a solution in between [Cal] And Nate. Dane’s biggest regret is that he and his son failed miserably in “Tonight’s Entertainment.” She said, “I think Cal has the opportunity to be a better parent, and I think that’s what Nate wants. He wants his father.”

Nate may have something to do with Jacobs’ missing youngest child

The fan theory about why Nate is Cal’s greatest regret is even darker than mine if you can believe it. The theory of TikTok user @sophdoingstuff Three brothers In a portrait of Jacobs’ family. “What if Nate is killed? [their] younger brother? She goes on to explain, “What made Cal Nate?” And he might regret what type of person he is and what he can do. “Kal is why Nate is like him, and we know Nate is aggressive.”


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So far, there is no evidence of this theory, but it’s interesting! Fans need to keep looking at “Euphoria” to better understand Cal’s feelings for Nate.

Euphoria: Why is Nate Cal’s greatest regret?theory

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