Euphoria: Will Fesco die in Season 2?theory

When we thinkEuphoria“I’m going to soften us, it’s going to be dramatically more intense. If you’re still moving Episode 5 of “Euphoria” Season 2We have some news for you: it can It will get darker as you move forward. Fan’s favorite character Fezco ((((Angus cloud). Might be so Season 2 is over, so we’ll have a hard time with the rest of the episodes.And while being acclaimed HBO series Having returned to Season 3, many fans are afraid that Fez may not survive Season 2.

With the long-awaited investigation into the childhood of the beloved drug dealer at the premiere of Season 2, it now seems cruel to rob us of him. He is probably a large “Euphoria“Unanimously popular fandom. Needless to say, we are Lexi (Maude Apatow) And the early romance of Fez is already!

Looking at the cloud, a recent interview revealed that: Fez was supposed to be killed in Season 1Fans of the Emmy Award-winning series are nervously messing around with the theory of Fez’s fate flowing into the internet. Let’s disassemble everything first!

Euphoria: Will Fesco die in Season 2?theory

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