Europe resumes AstraZeneca jab, US vaccinated 100 million

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France and Germany will resume vaccination against AstraZeneca on Friday after EU regulators have completely cleared the jab, and Joe Biden said his administration would reach 100 million Americans weeks earlier than planned. He said he would achieve the goal of inoculating humans.

The days of the COVID-19 jab turmoil associated with the risk of blood clots have caused countries from Venezuela to Indonesia to suspend the AstraZeneca program and vaccinate people around the world for the disease that killed more than 2.6 million people. I hindered my motivation to do it.

Spain, Italy, the Netherlands, Portugal, Lithuania, Latvia, Slovenia and Bulgaria also said they would resume vaccination after the European Medicines Agency said Thursday that jabs were “safe and effective”.

The United States plans a 100 millionth dose on Friday, increasing optimism that the world’s most devastated countries are heading for a strong rebound as infection rates decline.

“Tomorrow, 58 days after the administration, I’m proud to announce that I’ve achieved my goal of firing 100 million shots at fellow Americans,” Biden said in a speech at the White House.

But he also warned, “It’s an optimistic time, but not a time to relax.”

Millions across France prepared to enter a new one-month limited blockade from midnight Saturday, after the country recorded the highest number of new cases in almost four months.

Insignificant businesses in Paris will be closed, but the school will remain open and outdoor exercise will be allowed up to 10 km (6 miles) from home.

As with the previous blockade, we need a form to justify why a person left the house under the new restrictions.

French Prime Minister Jean Castex said he would get an AstraZeneca jab on Friday, but Norway and Sweden are endorsed by European nations and they wait before resuming their vaccine drive. Said.

The World Health Organization will publish the conclusions of its own assessment of jab safety on Friday after repeatedly encouraging countries to continue using vaccines from Swedish pharmaceutical companies in the United Kingdom.

AstraZeneca Shot is one of the cheapest available, easier to store and transport than other rivals, and is claimed as the vaccine of choice for poor countries.

This is currently an important part of Covax, which was established to procure the COVID-19 vaccine and distribute it fairly around the world.

Asian American slum virus racism

Philippine drug regulators said Friday that they had approved the emergency use of the Russian Sputnik V vaccine. It will approve the latest COVID-19 vaccine as the country fights the recurrence of infectious diseases.

The Vaccine Task Force said earlier this week that the government would strive to secure 5 to 10 million doses.

Washington is preparing to send millions of AstraZeneca to help neighboring Mexico and Canada as production in the United States grows, according to the White House.

Spokesman Jen Psaki did not provide details on the timing, but said that 2.5 million doses were planned in Mexico and 1.5 million doses in Canada.

A group of Asian-American lawmakers talked about how former President Donald Trump’s response to the pandemic continues to divide, even as US vaccination rates rise and cases decline. It was.

In parliamentary testimony, one lawmaker warned that the word used by Trump, who famously called COVID-19 a “Chinese virus,” put a “bull’s eye” on their backs.

Anti-Asian violence has increased significantly nationwide since the pandemic broke out a year ago, with testimony after six Asian women were killed in Georgia on Tuesday, experts said. It was conducted.

“We just started to come back to life, man”

After months of depression and isolation, the 2021 season on the warm sands of Miami Beach, Florida has a shocking start, boosted by the expectations of the “Roaring Twenties” for post-pandemic life. turned it off.

The coast is once again full of liberers. This is what Americans see as evidence of the long-awaited progress on COVID-19, or of recklessness that could slow the country’s recovery.

For James Mitchell, 45, a new arrival from the Chicago freeze, haters need to be brightened.

“We’re just starting to come back to life, guys,” he told AFP. “actually.”

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Europe resumes AstraZeneca jab, US vaccinated 100 million

Source link Europe resumes AstraZeneca jab, US vaccinated 100 million

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