Evidence links carotenoid lutein to eye health

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Its related forms, called carotenoid lutein and zeaxanthin, have been associated with eye health for some time, but the beneficial amounts have not yet been quantified.

A summary of state-of-the-art evidence shows that there is moderate level of evidence linking 10 milligrams of evidence. Lutein/Zeaxanthin Per day with eye function. 5 mg / day was insufficient to be effective and there was insufficient research to determine the effect at the 5-10 mg level.

More research would be helpful, but this “study study” found that intake of carotenoid lutein / zeaxanthin improved an index of normal eye structure called macular pigment optical density (MPOD). Macular pigment is an important structure of the eye that protects the retina from damaging blue light.

Lutein / zeaxanthin is a leafy vegetable, pumpkin, corn, egg yolk, avocado, Diet supplements..

State-of-the-art evidence entitled “Effects of Lutein / Zeaxanthin Intake on Human MPOD: Systematic Review and Meta-Analysis” is published in a peer-reviewed journal Advances in nutrition..Review focused on 46 Human researchA total of 3,189 participants with healthy eyes. MPOD is a measure of lutein / zeaxanthin concentration in the macula and is associated with visual function.

this Systematic review Ingestion of lutein and zeaxanthin at doses of 10 mg and above has been reported to increase macular pigment density in adults with healthy eyes. It should be noted that these studies are conducted in a relatively short period of time (months instead of years). An important gap is that levels below 10 mg affect macular pigments comparable to short-term high supplements when taken regularly over years (not just months) as part of the diet. Is to study whether.

According to senior author Dr. Karen Robinson, “Our review was the first to evaluate the effects of both a diet and a supplement of lutein in healthy eyes. Daily lutein supplements of 10 mg and above increase the macula. I was allowed to Pigment 3 months later. Studies of lutein dietary sources have generally reduced the daily dose of lutein in a short period of time (less than 6 months). ”

Supplements do not measurable increase in macular pigment density

For more information:… nces / nmab071/6307943

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Evidence links carotenoid lutein to eye health

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