Excessive medical costs for PCP sales in the US

According to a study published online on February 25, primary care physician (PCP) sales are high, with excess medical costs of about $ 979 million annually, a significant percentage of this spending. Is due to PCP burnout-related sales. the Mayo Clinic Minutes..

Christine A of the American Medical Association in Chicago. Sinsky, MD and his colleagues estimated excessive health care costs due to PCP, which is specific to overall and burnout. turn over..To estimate the excess spending due to PCP sales due to burnout, use the data related to burnout and your own. Current custom Obtained within two years of a cross-sectional survey of US physicians conducted between October 12, 2017 and March 15, 2018.

Researchers have found that PCP sales have resulted in excess health care costs of approximately $ 979 million annually for public and private payers. PCP burnout-related sales accounted for $ 260 million.

“The turnover of primary care physicians is costly for public and private payers, but there is an opportunity to reduce unnecessary health care costs by reducing turnouts associated with burnout,” Sinsky said in a statement. There is. ” “Doctor burnout is preventable and payers Medical institution, And others have a vested interest in making meaningful changes to reduce physician burnout. “

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High Costs Related to Doctor Burnout Syndrome in the U.S.

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Excessive medical costs for PCP sales in the US

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