(Exclusive) Corey & Carmen Pritchett handles allegations of fraud

YouTube personality Corey and Carmen Pritchett Known for its cute relationship with humor, most viewers of online dramas are crazy about Vlog. Corey and Carmen spoke exclusively with the director of social content. Shade Room Teens, Taylor Bickham, Explain allegations of cheating and how they were connected through the drama.

The parents of the two boys, well known on the Carmen and Corey or Prichette Family channels, share a collection of mischief, challenges, reactions, luxury cars and deal with allegations of fraud. You can even do that.

Blame him for having an affair with Corey Prichett’s ex-girlfriend

Several scandals have plagued couples since the launch of their highly successful YouTube channels, including his ex, for those you are unfamiliar with. He accuses him of sneaking up with her in 2020 in relation to Carmen..A couple appears Shade Room Teens Once again after seeing Corey relaxing with his fans in Miami last year when Carmen was pregnant. These circumstances forced his 24-year-old father to resent his actions and speak to critics.

In a one-on-one interview with TSR Teens, Taylor Bickham asked Corey straight, “Why did you cheat Carmen?” The explanation of the 24-year-old was quite interesting!

First of all…. I’m a man!

Corey goes on to highlight all the scammers he allegedly witnessed in his life as the reason he got out of his relationship.

“I met a lot of girls who were with me and said they were somewhere else … and the guy knew nothing about it.”

Neither Corey nor Carmen confirmed exactly what Corey did to be considered unfaithful during their relationship, but for his own reasons, Corey simply had problems with their past unfaithfulness. I think it’s part of my life.

Carmen was so perfect that I couldn’t believe she had never fooled me. I was doing my best to find something … Growing up, I have never seen anyone 100% loyal. I saw my mom talking to someone other than my dad, and I saw my dad talking to someone. I thought it was normal. It’s life, but when you access social media, everything becomes “perfect.”

interesting! Press Play to see below.

What do you think of your roommate, Corey’s excuse for cheating?

(Exclusive) Corey & Carmen Pritchett handles allegations of fraud

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