Expect to pay more for that perfect Christmas tree

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It was during that year that people started looking for a truly perfect Christmas tree. This year, they can expect to pay more. And some experts believe that there may be a shortage of trees. But uncle Al’s Christmas tree owner says there’s nothing wrong with the shortage here.

Uncle Al said there are many trees, but the problem is to take them to Fort Myers. Due to the high shipping costs, as a result some for trees are more expensive.

Al Meuller owns and operates Uncle Al’s Christmas Trees on Cleveland Avenue in Fort Myers and has been operating for 31 years. He opened the tent on Thanksgiving Day and said there was a tree. However, it cost me a lot to get them here.

“It was much harder to line up the trucks,” Meller said.

Therefore, when looking for a live Christmas tree, be prepared to pay 8-10% more this year than last year. The cheapest tree in Uncle Al is $ 35 and what is the tallest tree? $ 450.

Elizabeth Bokkaod has come a lot in search of the perfect tree, but understands that inflation is now a problem. “Prices are what they are, like everything that is rising in society. It’s the price of meat, milk, and everything, so that’s what we have to live with.” Bokaodo said.

Mueller says he is worried that living trees will eventually become archaic and no longer exist. “It’s a holiday, you want to spend money and time on your family and your family, and now everyone is celebrating their holidays The cost of a Christmas tree continues to rise,” he said. .. “How long will it last? How sustainable is it? But what do you do to be a 31-year-old business?”

Meuller’s best advice is that if you need a living tree, it’s best to shop early. As with many other products, supply chain issues can delay future shipments. And many large supermarkets sell both live and man-made trees.

Expect to pay more for that perfect Christmas tree

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