Experts say they don’t expect much from Black Friday trading

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You may see stickers claiming to save hundreds on Black Friday on Friday. Your TV may be $ 200 off and your laptop may be $ 100 off. But WINK News consumer reporter Andryanna Sheppard will tell you if you’re actually saving.

According to experts, trading Black Friday and Cyber ​​Monday is not as promising as in the last few years.

The combination of ships stuck in our harbor and the seemingly endless pandemic affect everyone during the holiday shopping season. This means that there aren’t that many Blak Friday transactions expected.

Julie Ramhold is a consumer analyst or DealNews.com. “Overall, the discounts are just weakening. There are some categories that are slightly better than last year, but the supply chain is confused,” Romhold said. “And shipping delays really ruined things for retailers, and they offer what they can do.”

For example, the TCL 65-inch Roku Smart TV costs $ 499 on Amazon. Amazon says it’s a steal, and if you buy it now you’ll save $ 300.

A website called CamelCamelCamel tracks Amazon prices. According to the history of this website, its TCLTV wasn’t $ 800. Television was the most expensive in the past year at $ 560 last month.

So, to be honest, buying now saves only $ 60. A year ago, the same TCL TV was priced at $ 429, which is $ 70 cheaper than it is today.

According to Ramhold, this television is a perfect example of how hard a year has been for retailers. “The discounts aren’t as good as we expected, or as many as we see in so-called normal years,” she said.

Lambhold recommends that you visit the website and check your price history, just like WINK News, before shopping. Compare last year’s Black Friday ads with this year’s ads to see if you’re actually saving.

Then determine if it’s worth adding the item to the list. “It’s best to ease your expectations,” Ramhold said.

One thing to avoid is “Black Friday Limited” products. Ramhold says it’s difficult to find history online by comparing prices for such items. Also, these are often cheaper models with far less features than you’re looking for.

Experts say they don’t expect much from Black Friday trading

Source link Experts say they don’t expect much from Black Friday trading

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