Explainer: Shooting a suspected terrorist in Michigan

Michigan On Wednesday, prosecutors charged teens with terrorism in a deadly mass shooting in high school. This is a novel approach made possible by legislation enacted after the 9/11 attack about 20 years ago.

The State’s Anti-Terrorism Act of 2002 defines acts of terrorism as intended to intimidate or force civilians, or to influence government behavior through intimidation or coercion.

Karen McDonald, a county prosecutor in Auckland, said terrorism caused death, adding that only four students killed and the other seven shot dead were not victims. Screaming, hiding under the desk? What if you can’t imagine a world where all the kids at home can’t eat, sleep, and step into the school? “

Ethan Cranby, 15, was also charged with one murder and assault with the intention of committing a murder and gun crime in an attack at Oxford High School on Tuesday. He faces life imprisonment with both terrorist and murder counts. Crumbley pleaded not guilty to the indictment.

Michigan, unlike some states with federal law or its own anti-terrorism legislation, has a broader definition beyond pressure and retaliation against the government for violence.of Florida For example, the 2018 high school massacre Park land Occurred — The shooter was not charged with terrorism.

Oakland County Sheriff Mike Bouchard said he supported “100%” allegations of terrorism against crumble.

“If you didn’t hit the bullet, it wouldn’t scare you that day and you’re a parent, teacher, or student in that class,” he said.

In 2012, the Michigan Office of the Attorney’s Office issued the first terrorist charges after authorities arrested a man who fired from a car on about 20 vehicles along Interstate Highway 96.

Matthew Schneider, a former U.S. lawyer who was not previously involved in the case of being the state’s chief deputy lawyer, said the law more commonly threatened terrorism, including bomb threats. He said it had been used to prosecute people as he went.

“This is why we have this law. This is the case. It’s not just a murder,” he said of the school’s murder. “It will terrorize the generation of these children in school. The impact is on thousands of people.”

According to Schneider, lawmakers who enacted the law had been thinking of terrorism in the traditional sense for several months after 9/11.

“But since then it has been used for other things,” he said. “It does not mean that it is being used improperly because it conforms to the element. It conforms to the wording of the decree.”

Schneider likened state law to the Federal Racketia Impact and Corruption Organization Act (RICO) of 1970. It was created with mobs in mind, but is now helping to prosecute “everything of all sorts”, including street gangs.

Michigan law was released last year by the Attorney General Dana Nessel He has charged several men for providing material support for terrorist acts in plans to abduct the government. Gretchen Whitmer Attack the State Capitol.


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Explainer: Shooting a suspected terrorist in Michigan

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