Farmers Market Restaurant Celebrate 70th Anniversary at Fort Myers

Fort myers

Longtime neighbors, friends, and even newcomers have gathered to celebrate the restaurant’s historic anniversary.

Fort Myers Farmers Market Restaurant has been serving soul food for 70 years.

This celebration was unforgettable with food, live music and vintage car shows entertaining guests of all ages.

“I bought pecan apple butter,” said Jana Jones.

“I was born and raised here, so we were here with my grandfather, because we were so small,” said Mike Jones.

Jones, like many others, has enjoyed the farmers market for years, but this anniversary brought together exciting first-timers, including Florida’s own watermelon queen. ..

“Our season is now. So I just want to promote the industry and make sure everyone knows to go to your grocery store and buy those Florida fresh watermelons. “Amber Boykin, the Queen of Watermelons in Florida, said.

Also on a mission to support the Southwest Florida community is the local Pink Heel branch, a non-profit organization affiliated with local businesses and families.

“We basically aim to show love to people suffering from all sorts of catastrophic illnesses, not just cancer,” says Cheryl Frane.

Cheryl and Troy Fullon said their organization is not a cause, but a focus on celebrating people.

“We are here to support this community. That is our job. We work with the locals. And before we come out and visit them. , They had some survivors at this restaurant. Troy Flaron, President of the Pink Heels Fort Myers Chapter, said:

Saturday’s celebration was to bring the community closer to everyone.

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Farmers Market Restaurant Celebrate 70th Anniversary at Fort Myers

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