Fat Joe explains why DaBaby said he was a 2021 Tupac

Fat Joe won a lot of side eyes from hip-hop fans after DaBaby said it was the 2021 Tupac Shakur.

A bold statement was made when Fat Joe visited Big Tigger to revive BET’s “Rap City.”

Tigger played a game with Fat Joe and asked him for his opinion on who the 2021 versions of some hip-hop legends are.

When Tiger asks, “Who is the 2021 Tupac Shakur?” Joey Crack’s reaction shook the lap fan.

“I should know Tupac’s,” Fat Joe replied. “I don’t know, it’s hard to be these guys. You want some crazy things. I think it’s DaBaby.”

DaBaby shared a clip on his page and informed Fat Joe that he agreed with him.

After the clip spread by word of mouth, Fat Joe got a lot of heat from fans to make comparisons.

In return, Joey Crack went live on Instagram on Wednesday to explain his unpopular opinion and refused to go back to his statement.

“I’m not making excuses, I’m not saying I’m sorry, I’m not … none of that,” Fat Joe said. “But who is the new Tupac? I don’t know, but if I’m going to guess,” he said, adding that he knew the late Tupac Shakur in real life.

He then explained why he specifically said DaBaby when asked the question.

“I’m thinking … DaBaby is real. It’s a certified real thing!” Fat Joe said. “I believe he lives what he wraps, whether you like him or not, and it’s very similar to Tupac.”

Then Fat Joe revealed that DaBaby wasn’t Tupac Shakur.

“Is he Tupac Shakur? No! No one will be Tupac Shakur.”

A live clip of Fat Joe can be shown below:

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Fat Joe explains why DaBaby said he was a 2021 Tupac

Source link Fat Joe explains why DaBaby said he was a 2021 Tupac

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