Fat Tuesday Star List Favorite Comedian

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If there’s one thing that Guy Tory, Deray Davis, and Kim Whitley have in common, they’re Passion for comedy.. Tory, the founder of Fat Tuesdays, collected the best of their crafts at the Sunset Boulevard comedy store as a chain reaction to the 1992 Los Angeles riots.Legacy continues with new ones Amazon Prime Video Series “Fat Tuesday.. POPSUGAR to Torry, Davis, Whitley, The magic of a black audience To them Memories of the late comedian Bob Saget.. I also asked them the questions I hate the most. Who is your favorite manga, from the giants of the 90’s to the up-and-coming manga?

“This is the question I hate the most because it’s too many,” Torry explained. DeRay and Whitley also explained that many black comics do not get the exposure they deserve. “It’s very frustrating,” says Whitley, referring to black women who haven’t been given the opportunity.

“I don’t touch black and white, but when I watch other movies, they cast their friends into funny cameos … so I love Sam Jackson’s career big. In a role, he stepped in there and really knocked it out of the park. You remembered those roles, and we can do it for our friends. I think. “He said black comedians are rarely given the role of mediocre cameos like hot dogstand workers and guards compared to non-black peers. The role is not central to the story, but it allows exposure instead of hiring extra people.Davis quoted the following actors Adam Sandler When Will FerrellWho has Infamous cameo And as the main character.

“We don’t have much opportunity, so when we get them, we really grab them. We say,” Oh, this is better to hold this as much as I can. I can’t really share this, “instead of treating the comedy really like a baton, returning it to our relay race and enabling each other in a good way”, “Improv Presents: The founder of “MONDERAYS” said. “The more opportunities we have to make these movies where everyone is really shining, the more you will be able to see them. [Kim]Comedians Torry, Whitley and Davis want to uplift and turn on the radar.

Guy Torry on Comedian Recommendations

The key to the engine for me was “Def Comedy Jam”.It was a diff comedy and I was watching my brother [Joe] Martin Lawrence, Eddie Griffin, Bernie Mac, Steve Harvey, Cedric’s first season [and] Adele Givens and Yvette Wilson. I saw those comedians on “Def Comedy Jam” and I got it.

Then, when I got up and started studying games, I began to thank the following great men. Eddie Murphy, Richard Pryor, Bill Cosby, Moms Mabley, even Whoopi Goldberg’s pre-pill. I’m on Mount Rushmore in my comedy with George Carlin, Lenny Bruce, Wayans, Keenan and Damon.

I’m a comedy fan, so I love the new “social median”. [“Def Comedy Jam” creator] Bob Sumner calls them. DC Young Fly and Chico [Bean] And Karlous Miller and the upcoming young guys are really, really comedians, doing their own thing. .. .. Pretty Ricky. .. .. Thai Davis.

DeRay Davis on comedian nominations

Never seen a comedy [on TV] Until after I started. When I first got up, I probably did some of everyone’s style. .. .. ..After sitting and watching and attending the circuit, some of my comedian friends like Corey Holcomb [and] Day on call [my] Locally based idol. .. .. I saw so many comics that I couldn’t see them — I had to sit down and write a list.

David Arnold, Tony Roberts. .. .. I and David were just having fun and getting into it for no reason. Only two fair-skinned men come and go to shed light on minor crimes. It’s as if we kept going to school and now everyone is looking for a PhD.

There are some beasts here, man. And some of my friends have a second chance, so I don’t want to say they are up-and-coming. Ravel Crawford is back here.But as long as you are youthful [comedians, I enjoy] DC Young Fly, Chico [Bean], And its entire “85 South Show” and Lewis Belt. There are lots of comics, but if I were an agent, I wouldn’t take my eyes off them.

Preparation is everything.I always talk to people for the audience [at MonDERAYS], I’m not ready, but I’m always ready. I’m not ready for their audience, I don’t know what I’m going to get, but I’m always ready, something I’m going to deliver to these people Always have .. .. What I did wasn’t something like “this next guy is more interesting”, but something like “OK, everyone can start with A and get F”.

Kym Whitley on Comedian Recommendations

Do you know who killed me? Did that beat Robin Harris? The beast of the day. Before I laughed, I was watching him. Marsha Warfield is always deadpan. Looking at the comedians at that time, it was like, “Oh, how did you come up with it? How do you do it?”

But I definitely echo DeRay, David Arnold. We are also looking at our peers. If you’re on stage and we’re coming next or something and you’re really laughing, hey. You want them to be seen. Melanie Comart or Hope Flood, the women who have been here for years — they are not seen as interesting.

For more black comedians, be sure to catch “Fat Tuesday,” which you can stream on Prime Video.

Fat Tuesday Star List Favorite Comedian

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