Fat Tuesdays Guy Tree, Memories of Favorite Bob Saget

Fat Tuesday It was the best stage for a black comedian in the 90’s. Created by Guy Tory, it’s a black cartoon that doesn’t apologize, Black audience To serve. It was also the place where non-black comedians played to cosine their material. from now on “Fat Tuesday“documentary Amazon Prime VideoDirector Reginald Hudlin, featuring late appearances Bob Saget Talk about why you liked playing at the show on Tuesday night at the comedy store.It also means that many people call him Healthy Danny Tanner About “Full House”. POPSUGAR talked to Tory and Hadlin about them prior to the February 4th “Fat Tuesday” premiere. Saget’s favorite memoriesWho Died on January 9th..

“My favorite memory of Bob Saget is having a ball, a cojone to step into the stage on Fat Tuesday,” says Tory. Do this. ‘”

The founder of Fat Tuesdays added: For shows and movies that you don’t want to play Fat Tuesday. Not because it wasn’t a great room. They were scared to play the room. ”

“Bob Saget wasn’t afraid, and he stepped on that stage and thought,’I want to do this.'”

Tory also explained that comedians had high standards due to the toughness of the black audience. “A black audience tells you if you’re funny …. we need to [laugh] Most often, we go through most things. So we get to laugh, but you need to get that laugh from our black audience. “

Saget’s time on Fat Tuesday also has a mentoring relationship with him Tiffany Haddish Enlarged. Regarding the friendship, Hadlin said, “I remember talking to Tiffany Haddish before Bob died, and Tiffany talked about how important Bob Saget is to her as a mentor. How many girls and advisors? Ka said, “You are very pretty. You should have a pretty comedy.” Bob later set her aside and said, “No, no, no. You speak in your own voice. You don’t shape it into what others think you should be. You Must be yourself. “”

“And that’s what this guy she saw on TV took the time [focus] to her [and] I advised her to be honest with her. It really talked a lot about who he is as a man, and Tiffany never forgot it. And she was like, “You were the first and you told me first that you were me,” Hadlin recalls.

Hadish recently talked about her Friendship with Saget “During virtual appearanceTonight’s show starring Jimmy Fallon.. “”[Saget] To me, he was like a big mentor, brother, and father. He had a big meaning to me. .. .. He was the first white man I’ve ever told. Don’t worry about him. Like you. ‘It made a lot of sense to me, “she said.

To see Saget appearing on Fat Tuesday, watch the Amazon Prime Video series “Fat Tuesday,” which premieres on February 4.

Image Source: Amazon Prime Video / Getty / Emma McIntyre

Fat Tuesdays Guy Tree, Memories of Favorite Bob Saget

Source link Fat Tuesdays Guy Tree, Memories of Favorite Bob Saget

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