FBI: El Paso, Florida Wal-Mart Parkland Human Resources Caused Mass Shooting at Virginia Beach

City engineer who shot and killed 12 people Virginia beach According to the findings published by, the 2019 City Hall was “motivated by the recognition of workplace dissatisfaction that he had been sticking to for years.” FBI on Wednesday.

A study conducted by the FBI’s Behavioral Analysis Division found that Dewayne Cradock was “suffering from how he perceived the outcome of his work and how others in the workplace saw him.” ..

“The exaggerated self-importance of the shooter contributed to this conflict, leading him to believe that he was unjustly repeatedly criticized and despised,” the FBI said in a news release. “violence The shooter saw this as a way to reconcile this conflict and restore his distorted view of justice. “

However, the FBI is in a position to “see the confluence of actions that may have foretold an attack” because Cradock deliberately isolated himself and was cut off from his relationship. Warned not.

The agency also said that Cradock was suffering from serious mental health stressors, but “cannot explain the Virginia Beach raid.”

“It’s important to note that only the archer knows the real reason why he committed this horrific violence. However, at this time, based on the evidence collected, the FBI has made the above assessment. I’m confident that is accurate, “says the FBI.

The FBI’s findings appear to be a step further than the city’s March survey. In March, it said it could not identify the motive for the mass shootings.

“Despite the thorough investigation, it seems unclear why he did such a vicious act, despite unfounded rumors and accusations,” the city report concludes. Was.

Craddock has worked in the city’s utilities sector for over nine years. He killed 11 colleagues and a contractor who were in the building when he got permission. Four others were seriously injured, and a police officer who responded to the shot was shot by Tactical Vest, but was spared the serious injury. Cradock died in a gun battle with police.

According to the city’s report, Cradock’s life began to change around 2017. He divorced and began to have performance problems at work. In 2018, he received a written warning and evaluation of poor performance. I couldn’t live up to my expectations and there was no salary increase.

According to the city’s report, “the suspect occasionally referred to the belief that he was tasked with work other than his salary level,” the city’s report said. “This concern was specifically addressed by my boss in 2018. The suspect was informed that he was making improvements and was encouraged.”

According to the report, the division’s leader said the shooter met the job performance criteria in the 2019 assessment.

According to the city’s report, investigators did not find “the violent tendencies and signs of violence committed by the suspect before May 31, 2019.”

The families of some victims have long accused the harmful work environment and the supervisor’s failure to recognize the warning sign.

Jason Nixon, whose wife Kate Nixon was killed, told The Associated Press in March that the shooter was upset because he had trouble at work and missed a promotion.

human resources I dropped the ball on policies, protocols and procedures, “Nixon said. “My wife always warned them that there was something wrong with this guy.”

The Virginia Beach rampage is the latest in a series of well-known mass shootings in Parkland, Florida, killing 17 people and killing 17 people. Walmart Twenty-three people were killed in the massacre in El Paso, Texas.

Some of the victims’ families feel that the tragedy has been virtually forgotten after national attention has shifted to other mass murders. Then came the pandemic of the new coronavirus.

FBI: El Paso, Florida Wal-Mart Parkland Human Resources Caused Mass Shooting at Virginia Beach

Source link FBI: El Paso, Florida Wal-Mart Parkland Human Resources Caused Mass Shooting at Virginia Beach

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