Federal government warns Florida not to strip school funds

Tallahassee, Florida — Do nothing else.that is News On Monday, the U.S. Department of Education told the state not to cut federal grants to districts that violated Florida’s mask mandate ban.

Some schools have not yet provided the necessary parental opt-out and plan to use funds from Project SAFE to offset state penalties.

Ian Rosenblum, Deputy Assistant Secretary of Policy and Programs, sent a warning letter to Florida Board of Education Richard Corcoran.

In it, Rosenbram said reducing safe dollars violates the 1965 Elementary and Secondary Education Act.

“The state must not take into account payments under this law when determining the amount of state assistance for free public education for children.”

As the states move forward, federal officials are ready to “initiate coercive action to thwart these unacceptable state actions,” Rosenbram said.

“In response to the Project SAFE Awards, we hope to rethink our threatening behavior towards these districts and continue to take steps to ensure a safe and healthy environment for our students, families and educators.” Mr. says.

The letter is Recent decisions To get rid of the district where the Federal Board of Education is undergoing federal backfilling. Broward and Alachua counties were first approved for thousands of dollars each.

so statement, FLDOE Communications Director Jared Ochs said the department had received the letter but did not intend to stop planning to get rid of the dollar.

“Yes, we received another harassment and legally empty letter from the US Department of Energy,” Ox said. “And again, we’ve always had it, so we’ll continue to move forward legally.”

EW Scrips

Dr. Carly Simon talks about the ongoing battle between the state and federal governments on masks at school.

The state threat was sufficient to prevent districts like Alachua from actually raising money. Director Dr. Carly Simon recently told us to wait to see how things go before proceeding with the grant.

“Use it when you need it,” says Simon. “At this point, we’re just waiting to see. We’re monitoring our dollars and making sure they’re using them properly.”

A letter from the US Department of Education could provide some comfort to rebellious districts like Alachua, as the federal government has once again shown continued support. However, further complications are underway.

At the request of the governor, lawmakers are scheduled to return home in November. Special session To address mask and vaccine requirements.

Specifically, Governor Ron DeSantis said he held responsibility for the rebellious school district and wanted “additional protection” to protect personal freedom.

The DeSantis office said it was looking forward to the details of the special session later this week.

Federal government warns Florida not to strip school funds

Source link Federal government warns Florida not to strip school funds

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