Federal trial on George Floyd’s death postponed for COVID-19

Three federal trials Former Minneapolis Police Officer The charges for infringing George Floyd’s rights have been temporarily suspended.According to today Fox newsJudge Paul Magnuson suddenly suspended the trial after one defendant tested positive for COVID-19. please remember. J. Alexander Cuen, Thomas Lane and Tousao have been accused of depriving George of his rights because Derek Chauvin knelt his neck for nine and a half minutes and was unable to provide medical assistance to George. This was when George was handcuffed, turned face down, and out of breath.

Judge Magnason did not report who caught the virus, but a news release from the court identified the infected person only as a “participant in the case.” A court reporter was J. while Thomas was not present. Alexander and Sao said they attended the courtroom. Unfortunately, Thomas’s lawyer did not say whether his client was a deadly virus defendant.

To confirm that the other defendants in the case were not infected with COVID-19, the report included COVID- before the trial resumed, including all other case participants who were near the infected individual. It states that 19 defendants will be inspected again. Judge Magnason has also placed other social distance guidelines to limit who can attend the court.

The restrictions allow a limited number of family and friends of four pool reporters, sketch artists, and former officers and George Floyd’s family. In addition, everyone who enters the courtroom is checked to make sure they do not show COVID symptoms. Mask’s mission is also valid for most people in the courthouse except Judge Magnason. He made an exception for himself, citing chronic lung conditions. Witnesses are also allowed to remove the mask when witnessing. Breaks are needed to ensure everyone’s health, but the trial is scheduled to resume on Monday, so defendants don’t have to wait too long to return to court.

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Federal trial on George Floyd’s death postponed for COVID-19

Source link Federal trial on George Floyd’s death postponed for COVID-19

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