Feds OK plans to reduce salmon fishing when needed by orca

Federal officials have approved a plan to reduce non-tribal salmon fishing along the west coast when fish are needed to help the endangered killer whale in the northwest.

The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration’s Fisheries Department adopted the plan on Tuesday, following the recommendations of the Pacific Fisheries Management Council. Restriction of commercial and entertaining salmon fishing is required, especially when the number of chinook salmon is particularly small.

This is one of the first federal agencies to limit the hunting or fishing of one species in order to benefit the predators who depend on it.

Southern resident murderer Baleen whaleEndangered orca, which spend a lot of time in the waters between Washington and British Columbia, rely heavily on the depletion of fatty chinooks. Recent research has shown how important Chinook is throughout the year, not only when foraging in Washington’s inland waters in the summer, but also for whales cruising on the outer coast.

Fishing restrictions extend from Puget Sound in Washington to Monterey Bay in Central California and are triggered when less than 966,000 chinooks are predicted to return to the northwestern river. Chinook’s return was last predicted in 2007.

Limitations include reducing catch quotas north of Cape Falcon, Oregon. Delay the start of marine commercial trawl fishing between Cape Falcon and Monterey Bay. We are fishing year-round, closing parts of the Columbia River and Grays Harbor, Klamath River and Monterey Bay in Washington State.

There are 74 orca in the three pods that make up the orca population in the south. Given that the three are pregnant and have a high pregnancy failure rate in the population, Washington state officials urged boaters to follow this week. State Law About keeping a distance from whales and giving them space to feed and socialize.

Hundreds of whales have been captured for display in the aquarium, and dozens of them have been bred since the 1970s, the lowest number in recent years. Scientists warn that the population is endangered.

According to a NOAA letter, the federal government may limit Pacific fishing for endangered orca.

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Feds OK plans to reduce salmon fishing when needed by orca

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