Female in the house: How did Elizabeth die?

Overcoming a ridiculously long title, Netflix’s new title has the underlying integrity Dark comedy thrillerInspired by AJ Finn’s 2018 novel The Woman in the Window, the Dark Comedy series starring Kristen Bell as Anna Fox. Let me.Finally put her in the center Strange murder mystery..

Minutes after the first episode, you can see Anna jumping out of the house in robes and slippers and taking her daughter Elizabeth to elementary school. A few seconds later, the camera cuts into Anna, crumples, and vaguely stares at the school incredibly as her fellow parents look at her with sympathy and sadness. Is all judgmental gaze a product of her rushing fashion decisions and her hair standing upright? Not perfect.

Who is Elizabeth, the “woman in the house”?

Later in the first episode, Anna passes Elizabeth’s room and sees her playing on the floor. At this point, Anna’s imaginary daughter version frankly reminds her that Elizabeth is dead and has been dead for some time. “Why do I keep forgetting it?” Anna asks herself.

Overwhelmed by the loss of her 9-year-old daughter and the subsequent divorce, Anna speaks aloud about Elizabeth’s death, but regularly visits her grave and speaks to her. .. “If love could save you, you would have lived forever,” reads Elizabeth’s tombstone. It’s here that Anna looks back on her life, shares her worries with Elizabeth, and brings one of her famous chicken casseroles for her birthday.

How did Elizabeth die?

The first episode hints at Anna’s sorrow, but it’s not until the second episode that she finally gets some answers about what happened to Elizabeth. After Anna contacts the police to tell them that she has witnessed the murder across the street, she goes to the police station and talks to Detective Lane, the chief investigator in the case. The sadness and unhealthy coping mechanism that consumes all of Anna makes her an unreliable witness, even though she claims to have seen her neighbor’s girlfriend Lisa killed.

“Elizabeth died that day, but you didn’t have to die with her.”

When Anna defends her case, Detective Lane interferes with her to point out that she may be hallucinating as a result of her sadness. In a flashback, artist Anna revealed that Elizabeth could have been at home to paint with her on the day she took her daughter and son to work.Instead, she chooses to go to work with her dad, Douglas, a professional forensic psychiatrist. Serial killer..

Douglas is summoned from a padlock room while talking to one of the prisoners in a local prison. Instead of taking Elizabeth, leave her alone with the cannibalistic slaughter Mike, a convicted serial killer. Before Douglas returned to the room, the slaughter Mike killed and ate Elizabeth. This is an unusual case in which each parent struggles to deal with the eventual end of her marriage to Anna and the loss of her daughter.

“Elizabeth died that day, but you didn’t have to die with her,” Anna’s best friend Sloan later reminded her over the phone and urged her to paint again. After all, it’s Anna’s love and sadness for Elizabeth that puts her in the midst of a calm situation, the same love that drives her to the bottom of Lisa’s murder before anyone else.

Female in the house: How did Elizabeth die?

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