Females are less blinded to attractiveness than men

Confidence in various facial phenotypes induced in females and males.Credits: University of Freiburg

Many studies of psychology have shown that people judge how credible a person is based on their first impression of another person’s facial features. Whether there really is a difference between men and women in this regard is now being determined by researchers Dr. Johanna Blastkhan, Dr. Marcus Heinrichs, and Dr. Bastian Schiller and Dr. Millera of the Faculty of Psychology, Freiburg University. It is being investigated. Walker at the University of Basel, Switzerland. In their experiments, men and women were asked to decide whether to deposit money with a person at the risk of holding money for him, based on portrait photographs of people of the opposite sex. Was done. Conclusion: The faces in the photos varied in charm and threat. In this study, women trusted men with attractive and threatening looks, while men trusted women with attractive and threatening looks.Scientists recently published their findings in a journal Science report..

Women and men trusted attractive people more often

For the experiment, the research team invited 47 heterosexual men and 46. Heterosexual female.. Both men and women often deposited money with attractive people rather than threatening ones. However, there were also differences depending on gender. Participant trust was equally affected by attractiveness and threat, but female participant trust was changed by threat rather than attractiveness. “This suggests that, at least in the eyes of heterosexual men, a woman’s highly attractive face can supplement her threatening appearance, while women are by attractive men. It is unlikely to be blinded. These differences can be evolutionary. Women invest a lot of time and resources during pregnancy and breastfeeding, so carefully select potential partners. “Masu,” explains Johanna Brustkern.

Bastian Schiller adds: Behavioral science Apply to men as well, woman.. Therefore, it is important to counteract the general tendency to study only male subjects, and therefore gender can be regarded as an important variable that influences our behavior. Human research to better understand our social behavior today. ”

Studies show that self-assessment affects facial memory

For more information:
Johanna Brustkern et al, facial threats affect trust more than males than females’ facial appeal. Science report (2021). DOI: 10.1038 / s41598-021-01775-5

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Females are less blinded to attractiveness than men

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