Few studies are available on the long-term effects of tear gas

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A graduate student at the University of Minnesota School of Medicine analyzed and summarized the literature on the health effects of chemical demonstrative regulators such as tear gas. This includes studies that have informed existing exposure guidelines. Their studies show that, despite their frequent use around the world, few studies have investigated the long-term health and environmental effects of tear gas exposure.

“Tear gas, etc. Chemistry Demonstration Control Agent (DCA) CivilianJennifer Brown, lead author of the U of M Medical School and a graduate student in neuroscience, said: DCA and its deployment methods continue to evolve, but have been updated. Our study paid special attention to repeated exposure or longitudinal studies that may provide insight into the poorly understood long-term effects of these chemicals. “”

Published in the journal Inhalation toxicology, The research team discovered that:

  • The studies used to determine the current acute exposure guideline levels for CS gas, one of the common types of DCA, were based on lethal dose experiments in animals.
  • The results of animal lethal dose studies have been scaled up to humans using inaccurate formulas.
  • Current exposure guidelines do not accurately summarize human exposure conditions, including variables such as duration of exposure, personal health status, previous exposure history, and the variety of chemicals contained in both DCA and solvents. .. When,
  • The EPA has not identified exposure concentrations where the effects of CS gas may be considered mild (discomfort or incapacitating). The lowest exposures listed are already irreversible or serious, long-term effects or impaired ability to escape gas.

“Conclusion that CS gas does not affect disproportionate Vulnerable group, Asthma High blood pressure“It’s based on a study that primarily used only men and a very small sample group that hadn’t been followed for more than a week after exposure,” Brown said. Larger and longer-term increase in blood pressure compared to non-hypertensive patients after CS exposure. “

“In addition, there are even reports that people with asthma experienced more severe chest symptoms shortly after exposure and died as a result of a combination of asthma and DCA exposure,” Brown added. “There is evidence that some symptoms may develop late, so the health effects of DCA may be underreported if not monitored beyond acute exposure.”

Brown et al. Need to follow up on more rigorous exposure before declaring that DCA, a chemical used in civilians, is under-researched, poorly regulated, and safe. I said there is. Meanwhile, the research team says that more regulatory scrutiny may reduce risks to both individuals and the environment.

“We need to continue to raise awareness of this issue and work to achieve improved surveillance of both the use and manufacture of these chemical weapons,” Brown said.

More recent studies and case reports explain significant health consequences that were overlooked or not included in the design of previous experiments. Some of these effects included disruption of the woman’s menstrual cycle, adverse mental health problems, and prolonged respiratory problems. In addition, more comprehensive studies are needed to analyze the effects on different physical systems and different demographic groups, including women, pregnant women, children, and people with pre-existing conditions.

Studies suggest protocol changes for tear gas deployment

For more information:
Jennifer L. Brown et al, Reassessment of Tear Gas Toxicity and Safety, Inhalation toxicology (2021). DOI: 10.1080 / 08958378.2021.1963887

Quote: Available studies on the long-term effects of tear gas (September 20, 2021) from https: // September 2021 Obtained on the 20th.

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Few studies are available on the long-term effects of tear gas

Source link Few studies are available on the long-term effects of tear gas

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