Fight over the state of Ghislaine Maxwell’s prison

New York – The violent battle over Ghislaine Maxwell’s prison conditions accused prosecutors of stinking British socialites and Jeffrey Epstein’s ex-girlfriend for not flushing the toilet, lawyers Is reaching new lows, saying her health is declining in a very dirty facility. Even her salad is moldy.

The latest exchange of letters with judges in the Federal Court of Justice in Manhattan is Maxwell’s appeal that the Second U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals will release three rejected applications prior to the July 12 sex trafficking trial. Was held because an oral argument was scheduled for late April.

Maxwell has been imprisoned in a federal prison in Brooklyn since he was arrested in July on charges of recruiting three teenage girls for Epstein for sexual abuse in the 1990s. Recently, prosecutions have been expanded to allege sexual trafficking of girls abused by Epstein in the early 2000s. Maxwell pleaded not guilty.


Attorney Bobby Sternheim wrote in a letter late Wednesday, “The prosecutor’s efforts to openly embarrass and humiliate Mr Maxwell in a hostile public opinion court have been tried by a jury whose proceedings are fair and impartial. It further erodes the possibility of being struck. “

She said Maxwell was abused as prison officials overreacted to Epstein’s August 2019 self-harm death in a Manhattan prison and awaited a trial on sexual charges.

The letter, the day after the prosecutor specifically explained the situation in Maxwell’s prison, was sent by Sternheim in February, when a 59-year-old client said, “I was dead in my former shell-weight loss, hair. It arrived because I refuted the claim that I lost my ability. concentrate. “


Sternheim also reports when Maxwell was physically abused when he was pushed into a cell by security guards prior to a putt-down search and ordered to clean, disinfect, and scrub the shower walls. He claimed to have been retaliated for what he did.

In their letter, the prosecutor said the investigation of puttdown search complaints proved that Maxwell’s complaint was groundless.

They wrote that Maxwell was instructed to clean the cell because it was “very dirty” rather than in retaliation. “After using the toilet, I didn’t wash it often, so it smelled like a cell,” Maxwell said.

Prosecutors said prison officials reported that Maxwell, who had been completely vaccinated against the coronavirus, was physically healthy.

They said prison medical staff monitored Maxwell 5 feet 7 daily, weighed weekly, and found that her weight fluctuated between her 130s and 140s. They said the staff did not observe any noticeable hair loss.


In a letter Wednesday, Sternheim criticized the government, saying “whether the public has the” right to know “about Mr. Maxwell’s imprisonment is controversial.” She said the prosecutor violated the client’s right to privacy by disclosing medical information related to weight and vaccination status.

“She weighs while wearing an unstable, non-zero scale,” Sternheim said. “Her eyesight is diminished and her hair is thin. Security guards are not qualified to assess Maxwell’s physical condition.”

For Maxwell’s toilets, Sternheim avoids clients using it in the cells closely observed by the video and guards, but frequently flushes according to the guards’ instructions and in the cell block above. He said it would reduce the stench caused by flooding the toilet.

“It’s completely misguided to blame Maxwell for filth in a tightly restricted environment. It’s ridiculous to suggest that she’s willing to live in a fight,” the lawyer said.


According to Sternheim, the building containing Maxwell was infested with mold and pests, and the salads given earlier this week were also moldy.

“There are a lot of cockroaches and rodents, and there are glue marks on Mr. Maxwell’s day area to help solve the problem,” she said.

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Fight over the state of Ghislaine Maxwell’s prison

Source link Fight over the state of Ghislaine Maxwell’s prison

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