Fiji quarantines hospital staff after COVID’s death

Wellington – Fiji’s military and police forces in the Pacific nation have surrounded and blocked major hospitals amid concerns about the spread of the virus.

Health officials say they have quarantined 400 patients, doctors, nurses, and staff within the compound until they can identify who has come into contact with a dead coronavirus patient.

A 53-year-old patient at Lautoka Hospital was the third to die of the virus in Fiji, but state guidance that recent outbreaks have spread, especially after two doctors at the hospital were virus-positive. Those are deeply concerned.

Dr. James von, Deputy Secretary of Health, said the country was in war with COVID-19, which raised the best-ever test of its health system. He said the hospital was closed and all medical services were diverted to other facilities.

Mr. Fong said food, bedding and other necessary supplies would be provided to those isolated in the hospital.


Fiji is located in the north of New Zealand and is home to just under a million people.

In other developments in the Asia Pacific region:

—Philippines President Rodrigo Duterte asks China to regain 1,000 doses of donated China National Pharmaceutical vaccine after being criticized for receiving injections, even though the vaccine has not been approved for public use in the country. I requested. The Philippine Ministry of Health injected Duterte on Monday, and an unspecified number of Duterte guards secretly received the Sinofarm vaccine. Duterte told the Chinese ambassador: “This has been criticized because China National has not been reviewed, so let’s stop it. You will withdraw all Sinopharm vaccines, 1,000 of them.” Duterte said the injection was “compassionate use.” The exemption did not violate the regulation, but critics said Duterte and Health Secretary Francisco Duque III ridiculed the vaccine regulation, while ordinary Filipinos suffered from pandemic restrictions. Said that he was.


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Fiji quarantines hospital staff after COVID’s death

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