Finland approves AstraZeneca jab for seniors

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Finland and Iceland announced on Wednesday that older people could be vaccinated against AstraZeneca again for COVID-19 after stopping the jab because of fear of blood clots.

“After being vaccinated, the risk of a very rare blood clot does not increase for people over the age of 65,” said the Finnish THL Health Organization.

“Therefore, vaccination in this age group can go on,” said Monday.

Authorities added that the vaccine would remain suspended for people under the age of 65 as a precautionary measure while the trial was ongoing.

In Reykjavik, Health Minister Svandis Svavarsdottir released similar “good news” saying that people over the age of 70 could take AstraZeneca jabs again.

Iceland stopped using the vaccine on March 11, the same as Norway and Denmark, and reported side effects after the jab.

EMA, the EU’s drug regulator, said last week that vaccines are “safe and effective” and have nothing to do with the high risk of blood clots.

Many European countries soon lifted the suspension, following EMA recommendations.

The Nordic countries have decided to carry out further checks.

Denmark and Sweden will report their findings on Thursday, followed by Norway on Friday.

Iceland also announced that it would close schools and universities to stop the surge in COVID-19 cases, hoping that the worst would end.

With the exception of supermarkets, the rally limit will be stricter from 50 to 10.

The new measures will take effect Wednesday night and the bars, pools, gyms and nightclubs will be closed. The restaurant can serve up to 2200 GMT.

“The situation needs more stringent measures,” said Prime Minister Katrín Jakobsdottir.

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Finland approves AstraZeneca jab for seniors

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