First, a sea drone captures footage from inside a hurricane

NOAA and Saidrone Inc. Operates five specially designed sailing vessels in the Atlantic Ocean to collect data 24 hours a day to help understand the physical process of hurricanes. Credit: Saidrone

For the first time in the world, US scientists piloted a camera-equipped marine drone that looked like a robot surfboard into a Category 4 hurricane barrel across the Atlantic Ocean on Thursday.

Dramatic footage released by the US National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration shows a small ship fighting high waves of 50 feet (15 meters) and winds of over 120 mph (190 kph) within a hurricane thumb.

The self-driving car is called “Saildrone” and was developed by the company of the same name.

Powered by the wind and 23 feet (7 meters) long, the device features a specially designed “hurricane wing” that allows scientists to learn about one of the most devastating forces on Earth. It is designed to withstand harsh conditions in order to collect useful data.

The Saildrone website shows that it can record measurements such as: wind speed And direction, Barometric pressure, Temperature, salt, humidity, etc.

Video footage on the Saidrone 1045 at Hurricane Sam on September 30, 2021.

“We look forward to improving our predictive models that predict the rapid intensification of hurricanes,” NOAA scientist Greg Foltz said in a statement.

“The rapid intensification of hurricane winds intensifying within hours poses a serious threat to coastal communities,” he added.

Scientists warn it Climate change Warms the ocean, strengthens hurricanes, and increases risk to coastal communities.

Video footage from the ship Saildrone 1045 and an animation showing the location of the hurricane thumb on September 30, 2021.

Hurricane Aida turned into a monster thanks to a huge warm patch in the Gulf of Mexico

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First, a sea drone captures footage from inside a hurricane

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