First Lady Dr. Jill Biden arrives in Tokyo for the Olympics and meets the Prime Minister

TOYKO-Jill Biden embarked on her first solo international trip as the First Lady, leading the US delegation to the Tokyo Olympics. There, the coronavirus surged and COVID-19 infection reached a six-month high.

She will arrive in Tokyo on Thursday and will have dinner with Prime Minister Yoshihide Suga and his wife Mariko Suga at the guesthouse. She will return to the palace on Friday and will be hosted by Mariko Suga.

First Lady has a solid agenda for about 48 hours in the Japanese capital.

She will hold a virtual gathering with members of Team USA before meeting Emperor Naruhito at the Imperial Palace. She is expected to attend the opening ceremony of the evening convention and lead two slimmed delegations, including Raymond Green, who oversees the affairs at the U.S. Embassy in Tokyo in the absence of the ambassador. ..

On Saturday, the First Lady dedicates a room to the US Senator Daniel Inouye, D-Hawaii and his wife, Irene Hirano Inouye, for the residence of the US Senator. Senator died in 2012 and his wife died last year.

She hosts a US-Mexico softball watch party at the US Embassy for staff and their families, helping US athletes compete in several events before leaving Tokyo.

White House spokesman Jen Psaki feels it is important for both President Joe Biden and the First Lady to lead the delegation to the Olympics “at the highest level”, and Jill Biden assists US athletes. He said he was looking forward to the journey to do. , Will compete in some of the toughest conditions of the Olympics.

On his way to Tokyo, First Lady stopped in Alaska and praised his efforts to vaccinate residents in rugged remote areas, but said his work was not done. Alaska has confirmed that the number of cases is increasing, as it is in other parts of the country, and health officials have expressed concern about flattening vaccination rates.

“We know that this last push is really the hardest of all, even when celebrating the progress we have made,” Jill Biden visited the Alaska Native Tribal Health Consortium in Anchorage. I said while I was there. Vaccination of more people would mean filing “individual” proceedings, she said.

The First Lady has joined the state’s Chief Medical Officer, Dr. Anzink, and Health Consortium Leader Valerie Davidson. The tribal health system is believed to have helped Alaska make a strong start in vaccine deployment, and how best to share vaccines and allocate allocations with the wider community. Can be determined.

With the help of the tribal health system and state and federal governments, Davidson said, “We were able to ensure that last language bearers and last culture bearers, regardless of age, were vaccinated first. “.

With many communities not connected to the highway system, vaccines could be provided by means such as small planes, boats, and sled dogs. The vaccine was taken to a whaler in the sea eight feet (2.4 meters), Jill Biden said.

According to the State Department of Health, about 52% of Alaskan residents over the age of 12 are fully vaccinated.

Zink, one of the public faces of Alaska’s COVID-19 response, praised Jill Biden’s visit. “We’re excited when Alaska is actually on the map. We’re even more excited when people visit our big, beautiful, and absolutely wonderful states,” she said.

Yupik, Davidson, named Biden Tauruk. Jill Biden said this was the name of Davidson’s grandmother. “I hope you can work hard to meet the woman your grandmother was with,” said Jill Biden.

Anchorage’s Joint Base Elmendorf-Richardson greeted First Lady on Wednesday at the Alaska Fisherhouse base, staff and guest officials, where military and veteran families could stay for free when their loved ones were in the hospital. was.

Teresane Draw, manager of the Alaska Fisher House, called the opportunity to meet Jill Biden “great.”

“It was a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity,” she said.

On her way back from Tokyo, Jill Biden will visit a vaccination clinic in Honolulu before returning to Washington.

COVID-19 infections in Tokyo soared to a six-month high on Wednesday, with 1,832 new cases recorded just two days before the convention.

The host city of the Olympics is currently in its fourth state of emergency until August 22nd, during the Olympics from Friday to August 8th. Fans are banned at all venues in the Tokyo area and the audience is limited. In some remote places.

The Suga administration has been criticized for prioritizing the Olympic Games over public health, and there were few fanfares for the tournament, which was postponed from last year due to the coronavirus pandemic.

The Imperial Palace said last month that it was “extremely worried” that Naruhito could accelerate the spread of the coronavirus.

Jill Biden is fully vaccinated. White House spokesman Pusaki said the U.S. delegation had “very strict” health during the trip, including limiting engagement with the general public and maintaining the smallest possible footprint. He said he would follow the safety protocol.

President Joe Biden is not attending the convention.


Superville reported from Washington. Associated Press writer Becky Borer contributed to this report from Juneau, Alaska.

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First Lady Dr. Jill Biden arrives in Tokyo for the Olympics and meets the Prime Minister

Source link First Lady Dr. Jill Biden arrives in Tokyo for the Olympics and meets the Prime Minister

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