Five teens kidnapped a teen and beat him over gold at East Naples

East Naples

Collier County agents have arrested five teenagers who say they have kidnapped a 16-year-old child for more than $ 160.

Two adults were arrested: Luigi Roca and Anthony Zangrilli, both 18 and 3 minors: Carlos Rodriguez, 16 and 15 year old twin brothers Yankiel and Yoni Borden.

According to the Collier County Sheriff’s Office, the victim was walking near his residence in East Naples when a red four-door vehicle approached him.

Victims said Roca, Rodriguez, and Bowdens got out of the car, dragged them into the car, and put pillowcases on their heads.

The teenager was taken to an apartment where he met Zangrili.

The suspect beat the victim, told him he was borrowing money from them, and tried to get money from his family using his cell phone. The teen reportedly sent a text message to the victim’s mother to ask for money, and she unaware of the situation and rejected his request.

Victims said Roca, Zangrili and Jankiel Bowden pointed their guns and lasers at the apartment. Zangrili pointed his gun at him and threatened to kill him, the agent said.

The victim was given a green shirt or cloth to wipe the blood from the face from the beating.

When the victim appeared to be unpaid, the suspect took him back to the crossroads, kidnapped him there, and threatened to kill his family if he called law enforcement.

The agent arrested Roca and Rodriguez during the traffic outage. The agent also detained Brother Bowden. A review of the ankle monitor of Yoni Bowden’s court order showed that he was in the area where the victim was kidnapped and in the apartment where he was taken.

In the apartment, the detective found a bloody green shirt, a blood-stained pillowcase, a .380 caliber ammunition box and a 40 caliber magazine for Glock 27.

Zangrelli was also arrested.

Other charges are pending because the detective said he was looking at the suspect in connection with another crime.

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Five teens kidnapped a teen and beat him over gold at East Naples

Source link Five teens kidnapped a teen and beat him over gold at East Naples

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