FL to stop sending people to collections due to unemployment

Tallahassee, Florida — People who have been overpaid for unemployment benefits from the state most of the time last year and this year no longer have to worry about being sent to a collection agency.

In a letter to the Florida Office of Economic Opportunity (DEO) on Friday, Governor Ron DeSantis told DEO Dane Eagle that he “collected all non-fraudulent payments that occurred” to the state’s chief financial officer. I instructed him to submit a request to postpone all referrals to the agency indefinitely. ” During a pandemic to help Florida citizens avoid a further setback to a personal economic recovery. “

This includes all overpayments of state unemployment allowances that should be paid in the weeks from March 1, 2020 to September 4, 2021.

The Governor’s instructions come a few days after DEO tells Team I that the alleged debt inquiry will be extended from the initial deadline at the end of October 2021 to January 2023.

Governor DeSantis wrote in the letter that he “focused on reducing bureaucracy and speeding up the process” in order to turn unemployment benefits into unemployment benefits.

For this reason, unemployment allowances that should not have been paid were paid.

For clarity, DeSantis’ request to the state to postpone all referrals to collection agencies does not include fraud-related overpayments.

Dozens of people have contacted ABC Action News and asked what to do with overpaid unemployment. Some people were unaware that they were overpaid. Others say the unemployment benefits they received were justified and they argued that they were totally overpaid.

The DEO provided the following information related to federal overpayments:

Plaintiffs who receive federal reemployment assistance benefits may be eligible for overpayment exemptions for federal overpayments established on their behalf. Earlier, DEO announced on April 21, 2021 that overpayment exemptions for PUA and PEUC programs will be available on the CONNECT system. The MEUC, FPUC, and LWA program overpayment exemption request forms will soon be available to CONNECT account claimants.

The DEO recommends that the petitioner frequently check the reemployment support account and take action on the claim when prompted. In some cases, the petitioner may need to fill out an additional form or, at the petitioner’s option, appeal an ineligible notice to cancel the overpayment created in his account.

To help claimants navigate overpayments for their accounts, DEO has made the following resources available:

Click for more information on unemployment overpayment from DEO. here [r20.rs6.net]..

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FL to stop sending people to collections due to unemployment

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