Flag-waving Israeli march in tense Jerusalem

Jerusalem – Sunday police preempted the annual Jerusalem Day parade. This is a flag-waving indication of Israel’s claim to all the cities in dispute, despite the days of tension between Israel and Palestinian in the Sanctuary of Flashpoint.

The parade on Monday will pass through the Old City of Jerusalem, which is part of East Jerusalem, which was occupied and annexed by Israel during the 1967 Middle East War. The march was approved during an ongoing clash between police and Palestinians in the Old Town, the emotional epicenter of a long-standing conflict.

Before dawn on Sunday, thousands of Muslim worshipers skirmished with police at the gates of the Al-Aqsa Mosque in the old town. Video on social media showed Palestinians throwing water bottles and rocks at police officers who fired stun grenade.

Former defense official Amos Gilad told Army Radio that he needed to cancel the Jerusalem Day parade or stay away from the Damascus Gate in the old town, saying, “The barrels are burning and can explode at any time. “.


Known to the Jews as the Temple Mount and to the Muslims as a noble sanctuary, this place is considered the most sacred place in Judaism and the third most sacred place in Islam. This was the tinderbox of serious violence in the past.

Dozens of Palestinians have been fierce with police overnight in Jerusalem from Saturday to Sunday, when Muslims marked Leilat Arkadol, the most holy time of Ramadan Muslim fasting month, or “Night of Fate” I was injured in the conflict.

On Friday, more than 200 Palestinians were injured in a clash between the Al-Aqsa Mosque site and elsewhere in Jerusalem, criticized by Israel’s Arab allies, and sought calm from the United States, Europe and the United Nations.

Police spokesman Eli Levi said on Sunday that he had no plans to cancel the parade on Jerusalem Day, despite heightened friction and possible violence. He said the police were always assessing the situation.


The Monday afternoon march shows that Israel has occupied East Jerusalem and is usually attended by hard-line nationalist Israelis. The Israelites pass through the Damascus Gate in the old town, through the Muslim district, to the Wailing Wall, the most sacred place where Jews can pray.

The annual event is widely recognized as provocative, and this year’s parade takes place during particularly volatile times.

The march is with the expected decision on Monday by the Israeli Supreme Court on the fate of dozens of Palestinians fighting attempts by Israeli settlers to expel them from their homes in Sheikhjara, Arab district of Jerusalem. Match.

Palestinians and international human rights groups describe the planned eviction of peasants as an ongoing Israeli campaign to expel Palestinians from traditional Arab regions, especially in the heart of Jerusalem. Israel has thrown the eviction of Sheikh Jarrah’s peasants as a mere real estate dispute.


The area was a scene of regular conflicts between Palestinian residents and their supporters, as well as Israeli police and transnational Israeli activists, especially during Ramadan.

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Flag-waving Israeli march in tense Jerusalem

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