Florida activists are trying to ban the Bible from school because they “woke up”

Complaints have been filed in at least eight school districts Florida restrict BibleClaims that the content of the scriptures falls under the topic “banned” by the new controversial state law.

Governor of Florida Ron DeSantis Last Friday, we signed new guidelines for Stop the Wrongs to Our Kids and Employees (WOKE) or Stop WOKE Act, which became law last month.

The law aims to limit discussions at nearby businesses and schools. Critical race theoryDeSantis called it a “harmful” ideology.

The law prohibits guidance that suggests that members of a race are racist in nature and that the social status of a privileged or oppressed person is inevitably determined by race. I am.

Activist Chaz Stevens cites House Building 1467, which allows the general public to challenge and ban books that are part of school classrooms and libraries, and tells the school district the Bible and “books that refer to the Bible.” I asked for a ban.

He said religious books qualify for being banned under the law because they contain subjects related to slavery, racism, and rape.

“If they intend to ban books, the entire library should be working. My hope-and that in the long run-they apply their own standards to themselves and ban the Bible. That’s what Stevens said. Miami New Times..

Activists cited inadequate age, “awakening,” social and emotional learning, bestiality, killing children, and rape as seven reasons for banning the Bible.

In a letter to the school district, he stated that each topic was supported by a corresponding excerpt from the Bible.

“I would like to raise such an objection. I request the Miami-Dade County Public School system to immediately remove the Bible from classrooms, libraries, and materials,” Stevens wrote in a letter. I am writing.

“And, as is often the case with banned books, I have your agency light a huge pile of fiction in a mountain that deserves to be seen off by the Vikings,” it reads. is.

“Because of the constant babbling concerns about teaching critical race theory, should we not evaluate the Bible’s position on slavery? Our young white students read such a passage. I’m worried that I’ll be awakened to the tragic past of civilization, “Stevens added.

The Stop WOKE method is Florida has passed a law called the “not gay” billExcept for discussions in the classroom surrounding sexuality and gender identity, from kindergarten to third grade.

Since July 2021, various school districts in Florida have banned more than 200 books, primarily covering gender, race, and gender.

Critics raised concerns Republican Governor Bids to Introduce Arbitrary Law Systematically attack the Florida education system.

recently, 54 math textbooks from the curriculum It was rejected as containing topics such as “Critical Race Theory”.

However, DeSantis has become one of the most popular Republican leaders for the 2024 presidential election because of his focus on cultural war issues, including race and gender.

Florida activists are trying to ban the Bible from school because they “woke up”

Source link Florida activists are trying to ban the Bible from school because they “woke up”

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