Florida battlefield situation in question as midterm elections approach

Tallahassee, Florida — Did Florida lose its battlefield status prior to the crucial midterm elections? Analysts are uncertain because Democrats can lose more positions to Republicans in this cycle.

The Democratic Party was hit hard in 2021 when the party first lost control of registered voters. And it’s getting worse.

According to recently State dataLast year’s 43,000 voting margin tripled to about 176,000.

“There are no juries,” said Dr. Sean Foreman of Barry University. “Florida may have lost its position on the battlefield.”

Foreman said the Republicans have been working hard to overtake the Democrats since the 1990s. He believed that the Republicans have benefited from several changes since then:

  • Better organization at the state level
  • Florida’s new resident surge is leaning to the right
  • Perhaps the most important thing is to break into Hispanic voters

“All these factors indicate that Florida is heading a little further to the right and may be a little red on the map,” Foreman said.

And that’s not all.

Associated Press this week report Republicans in Florida robbed 70% of these switching parties last year. This is up from 58% of former President Donald Trump’s tenure.

In a recent interview, Democratic National Committee Chairman Jaime Harrison said his party had not canceled the state.

“There are great candidates there,” Harrison said. “We will do everything we can to support Florida and the Florida Democratic Party.”

He promoted enhanced registration efforts, communication, and more Spanish outreach. Harrison also said state Democrats are investing tens of millions of dollars on their own.

Governor Ron DeSantis remains a top target, especially given that his successful reelection could lead to a presidential bid, Harrison said.

Harrison criticized DeSantis for his pandemic mitigation efforts and noted that the state refused to recommend the COVID-19 vaccine to infants. That’s despite the recent approval of safe and effective shots by the FDA and CDC federal regulators.

“Florida says it’s strongly opposed to vaccination of young children, that is, who is doing it?” Harrison said. “Does he think that’s the type of leadership we need for the rest of the country? So what we want to do is ensure that Florida gets rid of DeSantis, and that Let’s call it. “

DeSantis defended his decision on shots, saying there was not enough evidence to support its use on children. He also continues to dismiss his speculation in 2024 when asked.

“What is your obsession with the last 24 years?” DeSantis said Press conference last week. “We don’t even have a 22-year election, I think the media knows that the Democrats will be beaten in 2022. They don’t want to talk about it.”

It is possible to worry about being “struck by a mallet”. Some Democrats are starting to take action on their own.

Senator Jason Pizzo, D-Miami Beach, publication On Monday, a $ 500,000 donation of his money to boost a major democratic race.

“I have no race,” Pizzo said. “So we’re not just sitting there, we’re sitting in a better, healthy chunk of money.”

Pizzo said all cash would be important in November. Senate Minority Leader Lauren Book faces major challenges. It is sucking up her money that would otherwise be used to help party members win the race.

Pizzo also said Republican dominance is more than just speculation. It’s real.

“They are sending a better message,” Pizzo said. “They resonate better. I think the overwhelming majority of Florida people share many values ​​that are favored to fight as Democrats. We reach them. You have to, but it’s not. “

Pizzo and other Democrats want time for the party to come together as election days approach. November 8th is currently over 4 months old.

Republicans also have challenges ahead of the midterm elections. Political experts say the far-right, Trump-backed Republican candidate is rocking major battles across the country, including Florida. The party is trying to find a flagman, a former president, or someone new.

Florida battlefield situation in question as midterm elections approach

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