Florida cities resume normal water use as virus cases decrease

Orlando, Florida (AP)

Florida’s two largest cities have ended a water emergency as COVID-19 hospitalizations have dropped significantly in the state.

The city-owned Public Utility Commission of Orlando watered the lawn in August as the liquid oxygen used to treat the city’s water was diverted to a hospital for patients suffering from the virus. And asked to stop cleaning the car. The utility made the decision because it faced the prospect of getting only half the normal shipment of liquid oxygen used in water treatment.

Around the same time, the Tampa Water Department began using chlorine instead of the usual liquid oxygen method to disinfect viral and bacterial water as liquid oxygen was diverted to local hospitals.

Orlando utility officials said Tuesday that residents could resume normal water use, such as irrigating lawns and washing cars. At Tampa, Water Department officials also said they are returning to treating 82 million gallons (310 million liters) of drinking water daily with liquid oxygen.

“Fortunately, we were able to quickly switch to using chlorine as the primary method for disinfecting water. All water treatment plants affected by the lack of liquid oxygen have such flexibility. “We don’t have,” said Chuck Weber, head of the Tampa Water Department. “By resuming the regular supply of liquid oxygen, we can return to normal business.”

Approximately 40% of Orlando’s drinking water is used for irrigation, but Orlando users have reached a minimum of 76 million gallons (288 million liters) with only a 16% reduction in water consumption, limiting Indicates that was not universally accepted. Nonetheless, officials from the Public Utility Commission of Orlando said they were able to overcome the crisis and avoid the need for boiling water alerts.

Since the 1990s, this utility has used liquid oxygen to remove the slight discoloration and rotten egg odor naturally found in Florida water services.

Clint Bullock, General Manager and CEO of the utility, said:

Coronavirus-related hospitalizations in Florida have fallen from a high of about 17,000 in August to just over 3,300 this week.

Florida cities resume normal water use as virus cases decrease

Source link Florida cities resume normal water use as virus cases decrease

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