Florida COVID-19 Counts Thanksgiving 2021 vs Thanksgiving 2020

As Floridians get together and share their gratitude, the COVID-19 positive rate and hospitalizations are down compared to this time last year.

According to the CDC, the state-wide initial positive rate was 7.1% daily at Thanksgiving last time, but is 2.5% weekly this year. Health authorities aim to keep it below 5 percent.

Compared to the previous Thanksgiving, fewer Floridians have been hospitalized for coronavirus. During Thanksgiving in 2020, 3,723 Floridians were hospitalized, compared to 1,381 this year. It reached 17,295 in August.

The COVID-19 vaccine was not available last year, but currently 15,318,838 Floridians have been vaccinated at least once. This is 71% of the total population, 83.0% of adults, 81.2% over 12 years old and 74.% over 5 years old.

However, as a whole in 2021, more COVID-19 deaths were seen in Florida. In 2020, Florida reported 18,254 COVID-19 deaths, with an average of 69 per day. In 2021, it is reported that 42,893 people died in Florida, with an average of 117 deaths per day, for a total of 61,147 deaths.

The latest weekly average was 523 in 2020 and 384 this year.

Florida ranks third in the country in terms of COVID-19 deaths after California (73,365) and Texas (72,381).

In addition, the total number of COVID-19 cases was the third highest— 3,684,332 million — Again behind California (4,780,867) and Texas (4,300,466). The average total number of cases per day is 5,866.

In 2020, there were 961,676 cases (3,562 cases per day). Since last year, there have been 7,459 cases per day.

Florida is also one of the top 10 per capita states. Mortality From COVID-19, 284 people died per 100,000. The rate is higher than in Texas and California.

Florida COVID-19 Counts Thanksgiving 2021 vs Thanksgiving 2020

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