Florida Democrats Last Call for Rent Relief

Tallahassee, Florida — Democrats at the Florida State Capitol made the final push to let the Legislature take over rent management in a special session on property insurance next week.

However, the chances are less and less, as there are only a few days left before Gavel falls.

This petition was made in Sunshine as prices continue to rise regardless of location.According to, the average Floridaer saw an increase of over 28% last year. research According to Florida Atlantic University.

Shanice Johnson has even higher monthly costs. Tallahassee women recently told us that they had to move after more than 50% of collisions.

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Shanice Johnson commented on rising rents in Florida.

“We already have to make three times the amount you want us to pay, and now do you raise your rent?” She said. “You already know how much I will earn. If you already know how much I will earn, how will I earn this rent?”

During wednesday Press conferenceThe Democrats wanted to try to change again and evoke a majority of Republican support that leaders would consider taking up the rent issue when lawmakers returned to the Capitol on Monday.

“We are on the verge of crisis and despair that we have never heard of during our tenure,” said Ben Diamond, D-St. Petersburg said. “It’s painful to feel this discontinuity between the conversations I have with the members on the phone every day and what’s actually happening in Tallahassee to deal with this issue. What’s this basically? There is no such thing. “

MP Ben Diamond

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Parliamentarian Ben Diamond called the rent increase a “crisis” at a meeting with Democrats on May 18, 2022.

Diamond and some others wanted measures like rent stabilization. It may limit Florida’s annual growth, just as Oregon’s parliamentarians approved it in 2019. The state is currently allowed up to 7% increase in rent and inflation.

Adrian Alberto Madrid, Executive Director of the Struggle for Affordable and Sustainable Housing (SMASH) in Miami, said 7% is a reasonable increase compared to what’s happening in Florida right now. rice field.

“No one’s maintenance costs will increase by 25% from one year to the next,” Madrid said. “It doesn’t happen. What happens-the landlord wants more money.”

The press conference was a call for similar efforts and the latest action after the letter has failed to gain traction in the last few weeks.

Adrian Alberto Madrid, Executive Director of the Struggle for Affordable and Sustainable Housing in Miami

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Adrian Alberto Madrid describes the problems residents are facing trying to pay their rent.

Governor Ron DeSantis blamed inflation when asked about rent relief. He also promoted a new tax cut package that Republicans believe will help ease the burden of soaring costs.

DeSantis, on tuesdayThe proposed property insurance will continue to be a major focus of the special session. Other topics didn’t sound very likely.

“What I don’t want to do is just put something on it and make it stranded,” DeSantis said while speaking in Okaloosa County. “If Congress comes to me and says people have agreed to do some of the other important things that have been discussed on a wide range of issues, of course we can deal with it. “

At the last check, Congressman hadn’t done it yet receive Major property insurance invoices for special sessions. The governor has promised major reforms to reduce high costs and prevent providers from failing.

Parliamentarians played a gavel at the Capitol on Monday at 9 am

Florida Democrats Last Call for Rent Relief

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