Florida Institute of Technology Celebrate Martin Luther King Jr. at a Community Event on February 17th

Melbourne, Florida. — Florida Institute of Technology is a free public event on Thursday, February 17th at the Gleason Performing Arts Center on the Florida Institute of Technology campus in Melbourne, where Martin Luther King Jr. and his heritage community members live. And celebrate the achievements.

Organized by the Florida Institute of Technology Alumni Association, the event runs from 7 pm to 8:30 pm and offers a reception and light meals in the outside courtyard.Please register by email By the number of guests attended. A mask is required for indoor programs.

The agenda includes a live performance of King’s “I Have a Dream” speech by orator Leonard Ross, a keynote speech by entrepreneur, writer, and Florida Institute of Technology graduate Davon Kelly, and the University’s Dr. Julius Montgomery Award. Includes a doctoral presentation. Harvey L. Riley Bridge Builder Award.

Bruce Bugs Named after the first African-American student at the Florida Institute of Technology, he is awarded the Dr. Julius Montgomery Pioneer Award for worthy candidates for their commitment and contribution to the community. Buggs from Melbourne Bugs Funeral Hall And work as one of the licensed funeral directors and preservatives there. He has been running the company for 31 years with his wife and two daughters. Buggs is currently President of the Independent Funeral Director of Florida.

Winner of the 2020 Space Coast Public Services Exceptional Citizen Award, Bugs makes important community contributions beyond his business.

He has time, effort, and materials to repair and maintain several community facilities, including the Full Gospel Delivery Church, Inseason Ministry, South Breverd Ministerial Alliance, Grant Street Community Cemetery, and several other historic cemeteries. , Donated the funds. An ordained butler and licensed minister, he is a member of the Macedonian Missionary Baptist Church.

Dorothy Unking Linson Awarded the Harvey L. Riley Bridge Builder Award for the success of community activity and improvement. 32 years later, before retiring in 2009, the city’s senior supervisor, Linson – known as Ms. Dot – has been an indomitable force on the Space Coast for decades.

In 1989 she co-founded Club Esteeme With her friend Gladys William, how important it is for children in the community to be good citizens, to have a good education, to respect themselves and others, and to serve the community. , And taught how to be confident in their abilities. Her support provided tutoring, clothing and food assistance.

She may be well known for hosting an annual Thanksgiving community lunch for seniors and their families at the Lipscomb Community Center in Melbourne. For the past 20 years, Linson has funded meals with some help and occasional donations from her children.

Among her other work in the community, Linson started a group of seniors who made Christmas stockings, pillows and kilts for members of the military and community nursing homes. She also teaches introductory sewing classes for children and nutrition classes to teach them how to prepare meals for their families.

The night keynote Day Bon Kelly ’90. Natives in the Washington, DC region have been successful in multiple efforts.

He is the founder, president and chief executive officer of NOVAD Management ConsultingA multi-million dollar strategic planning and financial advisory company. Prior to establishing NOVAD, Kelly spent more than 15 years in commercial banking, general accounting services, business process improvement, project management, and held various senior management and consultant positions in both federal and private enterprises. Did.

In 2012, Kelly founded My Barber’s Lounge, a luxury hairdresser chain in Maryland, giving 24 licensed hairdressers the opportunity to practice their crafts. Two years later he launched 13th maleA non-profit organization that aims to improve the lives of young men through empowerment, development and leadership efforts.

His popular 2014 book, From Courtside to Meeting Room: Legacy in CreationIs full of lessons learned as a student athlete at the Florida Institute of Technology, has a bachelor’s degree in finance and is passionate about leading the next generation.

Florida Institute of Technology Celebrate Martin Luther King Jr. at a Community Event on February 17th

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