Florida Institute of Technology O’Connor Appointed Head Coach of US Cyber ​​Games Team

Melbourne, Florida. — TJ O’Connor, a cybersecurity researcher and assistant professor who heads the Florida Institute of Technology’s cybersecurity program, has been appointed head coach of the first-ever US cybergame team.

Inauguration U.S. cyber gamesKatzcy is leading the United States Department of Commerce’s National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) National Initiative for Cybersecurity Education (NICE) program to take advantage of the value of engagement and the benefits of learning. An esports-style educational program jointly designed by.A game to maximize the skills and abilities essential to cybersecurity talent

The mission of US cybergames is to bring together talented athletes, coaches and industry leaders to build an elite team for global cybersecurity competition. Organizers want to inspire the best cybersecurity athletes, build stronger and more diverse communities, and stay world-class competitive in the United States.

“I am very humbled to be able to recognize the most talented cybersecurity professionals in the United States and participate in this outstanding effort to act as a mentor for their journey.” O’Connor said. “As a team, we are excited to represent and win the United States in international competition.”

US cybergame commissioner Jessica Glick shares that excitement.

“We are more than ecstatic with our outstanding partners and coaching teams,” Gulick said. “Each is passionate about coaching athletes in competitive games and brings incredible technical and leadership skills. US cyber teams seek better groups to lead them to victory. I couldn’t. “

The coaching team concludes with Jasmine Jackson, a senior application security engineer and Capture the Flag coach at Drexel University, and Rob Fuller, a senior technical red vs. blue coach. Adviser of a major company and HBO’s “Silicon Valley” series.

The US cybergame coach team also includes three senior technical mentors. Dr. Bryson Payne, a professor and coach of the University of North Georgia cyber team. Dr. Emmett Brown, associate professor and coach of the US Navy School Cyber ​​Team. Dr. Suzanna Schmeelk, Associate Professor and Program Director at St. John’s University.

This is not the first time O’Connor has experienced in a team or competition. He, FITSec, Florida Institute of Technology’s award-winning cybersecurity competition team. FITSec, which has grown to about 50 active members since its founding in 2019 by then-student Josh Connolly, ranked in some of the top 10 and ranked first in the 2020 US Cyber ​​Challenge Regional Qualifiers, Fall 2020 National. I came in 8th place. A cyber league tournament in which more than 5,000 students participated. The team won the US Cyber ​​Quest Eastern Regional in 2020 and finished third in the Eastern Regional this year.

In US cyber games, O’Connor and his staff train and advance athletes through a series of increasingly challenging activities where athletes learn both offensive and defensive tactical concepts that are enhanced by individual exercises. Help guide you.

The annual talent hunt started in May at the US Cyber ​​Open. Nearly 700 cyber athletes have registered for the competition. A group of athletes selected from this program have been invited to the next US Cyber ​​Combine. This is a sports-style combine program designed to run athletes through drilling, training and aptitude assessments to improve their knowledge and skills. Common cybersecurity game categories (ie encryption, reconnaissance, mobile security, IoT security, network and web security, and reversal and abuse).

The result of the US Cyber ​​Combine is the election of a US Cyber ​​Team of 20 members on the draft day of October 5th. The team will then represent the United States at the first International Cyber ​​Security Challenge in December, with at least nine countries competing in Athens, Greece.

US cyber games led by PlayCyber ​​(by Katzcy) National Initiative for Cyber ​​Security Education..Current sponsors include founding sponsors Ticktaku, the same as Raids, Cyber ​​Security & Infrastructure Security Agency, CompTIA, Solved, Cyware, Pro Circular, Protegrity, Resecurity, Synac When BAE Systems and AWS..Partners include: Cyber ​​Art Women’s Association, U.S. cyber range, National Security Agency, ITSP, CyberWire, OODA loop, Information System Security Association (ISSA) International, National Cyber ​​Security Alliance, When Cyber ​​Seek..

Sponsorship opportunities are available for team training, equipment, and travel and are essential to the success of US cyber teams.

Florida Institute of Technology O’Connor Appointed Head Coach of US Cyber ​​Games Team

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