Florida leaders urge you to stop hoarding gasoline

Tallahassee, Florida — Hoarding continues to strain gas supplies in some parts of Sunshine.

Florida’s shortage is primarily self-harm, but experts Resumption of colonial pipeline It will ease fear and demand in the next few days.

Florida gets about 95% of its gas from the harbor. In other words, it’s recent. Cyber ​​attack On-line and subsequent shutdowns should not have had a significant impact. However, panic buying and hoarding by Floridian continues to push demand beyond normal supply levels.

“Not so long ago, the same thing happened with toilet paper,” said Nathanael Reed, a Tallahassee resident, who is having a hard time filling. “It’s like,’Wow, it wasn’t that long, so I’ll go with gas again here.'”

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Nathanael Reed of Tallahassee, Florida was running around town on May 13, 2021 in search of gas.

North Florida was seeing some of the worst gas muzzles.Expert Estimate About 30% of Florida stations were out of gas as of Thursday afternoon.

Matt Nasworthy, a spokeswoman for AAA Florida, hoped things would be back to normal by the end of the weekend. He said Florida’s emergency order to exempt weight restrictions and the relaxation of federal driving time restrictions would likely help speed up the process.

“I hope it will settle down in the next few days,” said Nasworthy. “Take these trucks from the port to the gas station and refill them to their normal capacity.”

But it all requires Floridian to postpone hoarding.Lieutenant Governor of Florida Janette Núñez Emphasis Florida people across Florida need to stop panic buying to prevent the spread of pan handle problems.

“We want to make sure everyone understands that we don’t have to panic,” said a Republican leader. “The northern end of the state was affected. The rest of the state is fine, so don’t continue to contribute to the problem.”

Gas struggle prompt Senator Gary Farmer will update the pitch for strategic fuel reserve changes to prevent such problems in the future. He wanted his colleague to pick up the idea in a special session next week.

“The gas shortages that Floridian faced would not have had to happen, and would not have happened, if we had adopted and passed the Strategic Fuel Reserves Act,” the Democratic Party said in a statement. “As the hurricane season begins next month, we have a duty to work on fuel supply safety next week. We are ready to take the SB1454 back to the Senate for consideration. We look forward to the governor and colleagues. Join me to recognize the urgency of this issue. “

Florida leaders urge you to stop hoarding gasoline

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