Florida prosecutor dismisses Kodak Black’s breach

Roommate, Kodak Black, A busy person. He’s waiting for the baby girl to arrive, has a new artist, and is releasing one of the hottest songs right now. He’s been booked and busy, but his heavy luggage has become a bit lighter because he doesn’t have to worry about recent legal issues. please remember. A Florida rapper was charged with a breach on New Year’s Day after being arrested for public housing development at Golden Acres in Pompano Beach.

according to Rolling stone, Broward County prosecutors decline the case on Wednesday, says Kodak lawyer Bradford Cohen. Bradford advised that a client was visiting with his family when he was unfortunately detained while standing near a Lamborghini parked on a driveway. Information was limited at the time of his arrest. However, Bradford provided more context.

He detailed that a deputy arrester of Broward County Sheriff had detained Kodak, born in Bill Capri, and quoted a cease and desist letter issued by housing authorities four months ago. This corresponds to Kodak’s delivery of an air conditioner unit to home development residents last summer. Bradford has 10 fingers next to Kodak!

“The basic law is that the cease and desist letter is not the same as the notice of trespassing, and in any case the letter was sent to Capri’s label, not to the rapper himself.” In addition, Kodak claimed that the resident had invited him to the property, explaining that the landlord could not break into an individual invited by a person paying the rent.

During the incident, Kodak posted a bond and his Lamborghini was towed. “I think they were arrested for searching for him, searching for his car that was legally parked, and trying to find something that was more expensive than a breach,” Bradford said. Revealed in. “I think it’s embarrassing that they arrested him for an illegal invasion. No proceedings were filed because there was no reason for the arrest.”

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Florida prosecutor dismisses Kodak Black’s breach

Source link Florida prosecutor dismisses Kodak Black’s breach

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