Florida Republicans May Abolish Disney’s Governing Agreement over Opposition to “Don’t Say Gay”

Republican Florida We are allegedly considering whether to abolish the deal decades ago. Walt Disney Company This allows Disney to effectively regulate the areas in which parks and facilities are located.

This move comes as a Republican official and governor Ron DeSantis And his administration is the state’s largest private employer and political heavyweight who has donated tens of thousands of dollars to the campaign by opposed what opposition calls the “not gay” law. Blame the company.

Florida MP Spencer Roach said on Twitter that he had met at least twice and said he was the company’s “awakened ideology” about a modified local government agreement that could affect Walt Disney World. Announced that they had discussed in retaliation for what they called.

“Yesterday was the second meeting with lawmakers in a week to discuss the abolition of the Reedy Creek Improvement Act of 1967, which would allow Disney to act as its own government,” he said in March. I wrote it on the 30th. “If Disney wants to adopt an’awakened’idealism, it should be regulated by Orange County. “

Governor DeSantis said the abolition of the law was not necessarily a retaliation for Disney’s remarks, but part of a broader effort to strip the company of what he called “special privileges.” ..

“I don’t say it’s retaliation.” He said During a press conference on March 31st. “There are certain entities that have exerted a lot of influence through corporate means to create special privileges in the law … I don’t think we should have special privileges in the law.”

He pointed out a law signed last year that limits how social media platforms and web services can remove users, including a ban on suspending posts from politicians. It also included provisions with the exception of “company that owns and operates theme parks or entertainment venues” such as Disney.

Governor DeSantis said the “11-hour” provision added by the Legislature was “only for the protection of Disney and opposed when it happened.”

“I don’t think they’re used to walking their way and having people who get in the way and say this.” In fact, Florida is governed by the best interests of the people of Florida. Probably. “I’m not going to kneel to awaken California executives. It’s not the way the state runs.”

The creation of the Reedy Creek Improvement District followed the negotiations between Disney leaders and Florida legislators on a community development district, including a Disney-operated plot of Lake Buena Vista.

The district oversees local land use and public services such as water, sanitation, emergency medical care and fire protection, as well as road and bridge maintenance.

If the district is revoked, Disney’s property may be under the authority of the state county government.

Opponents of the “Don’t Say Gay” bill, which was signed this week, demanded that the company use its influence to blame the bill, publicly blame the company’s leadership for the bill, and state politics. Encouraged to freeze spending.

After CEO Bob Chapek publicly blamed the bill earlier this month, Governor DeSantis and members of his administration blamed the company, ignited Republican threats and punished operations in the state.

In a statement this week, Disney said the bill “should never be passed and should not be signed.”

“Our goal as a company is that this law be abolished by the legislature or withdrawn by the courts, and we support national and state organizations working to achieve it. I promise to continue doing that, “the company said.

Parental rights in educationLaw-named “Don’t say gay or transgender” by opponents- “Class discussions about sexual orientation and gender identity” from kindergarten to third grade, or age-inappropriate, Or it widely prohibits “classroom discussions on sexual orientation and gender identity” in ways that are not developmentally appropriate for the student. In other grades. “

On March 31, LGBT + supporters, a group of Florida students and families, blamed the Governor for violating the 1st and 14th Amendments, in addition to federal provisions for sexual orientation and gender-based discrimination. Sued the state education authorities and blocked its implementation. Identity under Tile IX of the 1972 Education Reform.

Florida Republicans May Abolish Disney’s Governing Agreement over Opposition to “Don’t Say Gay”

Source link Florida Republicans May Abolish Disney’s Governing Agreement over Opposition to “Don’t Say Gay”

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