Florida’s “Freedom Week” sales tax holiday ends Thursday

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Florida Freedom Week Sales Tax Holiday Ends Thursday And Saves Money All kinds of summer essentialsAnd other tax exemption periods are imminent.

From Friday 1st July to Thursday 7th July, tickets for live music and sporting events are tax exempt along with boat, sports, camping, fishing and pool equipment. The housing sales tax exemption will also come into effect on Friday, and impact-resistant doors, windows and garage doors will be tax-free for the next two years.

WINK News spoke to residents of southwestern Florida shopping at the Page Field Commons store on the corner of Fowler Street and South Cleveland Avenue. They said they didn’t expect to save much on these two duty-free vacations, as much of their money is being spent on gas correctly.

“There is a lot of gas tax holiday needs, such as federal gas tax and state gas tax. You can probably save nearly 40-50 cents per gallon,” says Dave Mottram. “The 7-day local tax cut is great, but if you don’t have kids, no one else around you, you’re not doing a big project … it helps some people, but others. Is ineffective to help. “

Also, from Friday to June 30th next year, the consumption tax on infant clothing will be exempted, and diapers and clothing for children under the age of 5 will be exempt. Another tax exemption leave will begin on July 25, known as the 2022 New Semester Sales Tax Leave. This includes electronic devices.

Joanne Longabardi says he knows people who make big purchases waiting for duty-free holidays like Freedom Week and July 25th.

“My daughter is waiting for her son to take a vacation to buy a laptop,” Longabardi said. “He was going to college and she thought she would wait until the weekend without sales tax.”

In october 1 month fuel tax holidayBy lowering gas prices by just over 25 cents per gallon, Florida is projected to save a total of $ 200 million.

Florida’s “Freedom Week” sales tax holiday ends Thursday

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