Former Cardinal Theodore McCarrick accused of sexually assaulting teens

Former Cardinal Theodore McCarrick was dismissed after a Boston-Vatican investigation confirmed that adults as well as children had been sexually abused, sexually assaulting a teenage boy at a wedding banquet in the 1970s. Court records show that he was charged with charges.

According to court documents obtained by The Boston Globe, Macarik has been charged with three assaults and assaults against persons over the age of 14.

According to Mitchell Garabedian, a well-known lawyer for victims of church sexual abuse on behalf of men claiming McCarrick’s abuse, McCarrick is a detective for sexual crimes against minors. The first accused card lord in the United States.

“It takes a great deal of courage to report to investigators that a victim of sexual abuse has been sexually abused and to proceed with the criminal procedure,” Galavedian said in an email. “Present the facts, apply the law and make a fair verdict.”

“I’m looking forward to dealing with the case in court,” Macarik’s lawyer Barry Coburn told The Associated Press, refusing to comment further.

According to a report filed in court, the man told investigators that Macarik was a family friend and began to abuse him when he was a boy.

The man says that at the age of 16 in 1974, Macarik groped for him as he roamed the campus of Wellesley College, where his brother’s wedding reception was taking place. The man also said, “Three of our fathers and Ave Maria, or because it was one of our fathers and three Ave Maria, after Macarik took him to the room and caressed the boy, God I can atone for your sins. ” In court documents.

McCarrick, 91, was dismissed by Pope Francis in 2019 after decades of rumors that he was a sexual predator in a Vatican investigation.

The incident caused a crisis in the credibility of the Church, as the Vatican was reported by an authoritative Cardinal in 1999 to have problems with McCarrick’s actions, but he was an influential Cardinal, Kingmaker, And I became a messenger of “soft diplomacy” in the Holy See.

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Former Cardinal Theodore McCarrick accused of sexually assaulting teens

Source link Former Cardinal Theodore McCarrick accused of sexually assaulting teens

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