Former Disney World workers claim religious discrimination and sue

Orlando, Florida — According to the proceedings, three former employees have sued Walt Disney World for being fired after refusing to wear a face mask and vaccination with COVID-19 for religious reasons.

Barbara Andreas, Stephen Crib, and Adam Pier in a proceeding filed on June 30 dismissed them by not responding to their request that Disney be exempt from the company’s obligation to require vaccines and facial covers. He said he was discriminated against.

According to the proceedings, Andres and Cribb were dismissed in March and Pajer was dismissed in June. This trio worked for the company for 7 to 20 years.

Disney’s vaccination obligations were suspended in November after Governor Ron DeSantis and Florida Parliamentarians restricted employers from the authority to require workers to be vaccinated. The company later withdrew the masking requirements for vaccinated employees.

In the proceedings, Disney’s “extended protocol” forced on unvaccinated employees caused “serious breathing” and “shifted.”

Adreas, who worked for Disney for 17 years, sought a religious exemption, claiming that wearing a face cover was an “insult” to her Christian beliefs. The “vaccine” also violated her belief, as the discontinued fetal cells were used to produce it.

Disney responded to her request on December 29, saying, “After careful consideration of the information you provide, you will wear a face cover for faithful religious beliefs, customs, or compliance. We cannot conclude that we are hindered. “

According to the proceedings, employees quoted Bible scriptures when requesting accommodation.

The proceedings alleged that Disney “could and should have actually chosen to respond to these religious beliefs,” and the Protocol states that the company “irrationally” workers “illness and others.” The guest said he was afraid that he was in permanent danger to the cast or was infected. “

Disney has not responded to requests for comment on the proceedings.

According to the proceedings, former employees are seeking unspecified amounts to cover lost wages, allowances and legal fees.

Each dismissed worker filed with the Florida Attorney General, the Florida Human Relations Commission, and the U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission for alleging discrimination and retaliation and violating state law prohibiting workplace vaccine obligations. Said the lawsuit.

They filed a proceeding as Florida law on whistleblowers, claiming that reporting the company to the authorities also led to their dismissal, the proceedings said.

Former Disney World workers claim religious discrimination and sue

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