Former Police Chief, Five Others Indicted in Parliamentary Riot Conspiracy – NBC4 Washington

A former California police chief and five other men were charged with conspiracy to attack the US Capitol on January 6, according to a court document released Thursday.

Four men, who prosecutors have identified as members of the Sleeper Centers rebel movement, have been accused of plotting against each other to thwart proof of President Joe Biden’s victory. Yes.

Some of the indicted are former La Habra police chiefs, founders of a far-right group called the American Phoenix Project, formed to protest pandemic-related restrictions, and elections stolen from former President Donald Trump. Helped push the lie that he was sick.

According to court documents, authorities explain how group founder Alan Hostetter demanded violence against those who supported the election results in the weeks leading up to January 6. Huntington on December 12. At a “Stop the Steal” rally on the beach, Hostetter warned that “Trump must be launched on January 20th.”

“And he must be allowed to finish this historic task of clearing corruption in the corruption pool known as Washington, DC. American enemies and traitors are responsible for both foreigners and domestics. And they do. Execution is a legitimate punishment for the mastermind of this coup, but requires long-term imprisonment, “the hostetter told the indictment.

Hostetter’s lawyer, Bilal Essayli, said he hopes more information will be available after his appearance in court in the afternoon. He said he hoped the hostetter would surrender to the authorities and be released from detention.

“As far as I know in the indictment, my client has not been accused of committing any violence,” Essayri said. “We were very distressed by the nature and scope of the prosecution because he did not enter the actual Capitol building.”

According to officials, communications show how men are coordinating their trip to Washington and trying to prevent a peaceful transition of power.In late December, one of the men, Russell Taylor, said. , Answered a question about when to arrive at the Capitol on January 6th, and posted it on Telegram’s chat. Those who break the door! “

According to officials, six men participated in a Telegram chat called “The California Patriots-DC Brigade” with more than 30 people before the riots. Taylor wrote that the chat was used to “organize a group of fighters and turn their backs on each other”, with previous law enforcement or military experience, or “special skills related to our efforts.” Asked to see if you have.

A few days before the Capitol breach, the hostetter warned in a post to the American Phoenix Project’s Instagram account that “things will happen in the United States in the next few days.”

Eric Scott Warner, Felipe Antonio “Toni” Martinez, Derek Kinison, and Ronald Melle are four men from California to Washington, D.C.

On the eve of the Capitol breach, Taylor sent a photo in a chat, showing equipment such as two hatchets, a walkie-talkie radio, a stun baton, and a knife. In the caption, Taylor “prepared for tomorrow, officials said. I have. ”

According to officials, when the mob flocked to the Capitol on January 6, Taylor (who was carrying a knife in his pocket) and hostetters were trying to push through a line of police officers at the bottom of the West Terrace. They were part of, officials say. When they reached the top of the West Terrace, the hostetters declared “people have regained their homes,” and Taylor shouted to the mob “inside!”.

That night, Taylor boasted of attacking the Capitol, but said he couldn’t get in because he had a weapon. When someone asked Taylor what would happen next, he said. He replied, “It’s a rebellion!”

A message was left to the lawyers listed on the websites of the courts of Warner, Kinison and Melle. One of the lawyers, David Kaloyanides, said he did not expect to be in charge of Kinnison’s proceedings.

It was not immediately clear if Taylor and Martinez had lawyers and when they would appear in court.

The U.S. Department of Justice has filed a similar conspiracy against members of the far-right radical group of Oath Keepers and Proud Boys in a thorough prosecution of the riot. We are facing more than 450 people across the United States. So far, two defendants have pleaded guilty.


Associated Press reporter Amy Taxine contributed to this report from Orange County, California.

Former Police Chief, Five Others Indicted in Parliamentary Riot Conspiracy – NBC4 Washington

Source link Former Police Chief, Five Others Indicted in Parliamentary Riot Conspiracy – NBC4 Washington

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