Former Prime Minister Shinzo Abe’s shooting surprises the world that connects the country and gun control

Tokyo- Assassination of former Prime Minister Shinzo Abe Friday was a midday day and shocked the world where Japan was considered relatively crime-free and gun-controlled.

Prime Minister Abe, Japan’s longest-serving prime minister, was shot from behind while campaigning for a candidate for parliament in Nara. He died in the hospital two days before the election.

The suspect seems to have evaded the country’s ultra-strict gun control by making his own weapons. According to police, the 15-inch (40 cm) device was clearly homemade, and one expert compared it to a muzzle-loading gun. Authorities confiscated similar weapons when they attacked a one-room apartment near the suspect.

The motive of the man detained at the scene was unknown.

Deadly gun violence is virtually unprecedented in Japan, and most Japanese live their lives without handling or seeing real guns. Stab wounds are more common in killings.

Major universities have rifle clubs, armed by Japanese police, but gun ownership has been a distant issue for decades. Even the police rarely rely on firing a pistol.

According to police, the population is 125 million, with only 10 gun-related criminal cases last year, one dead and four injured. Eight of those cases were gang-related.

In the densely populated capital of Tokyo, there were no gun incidents, injuries or deaths in the same year, but 61 guns were confiscated.

“The Japanese are in shock,” said Shiro Kawamoto, a professor of risk management at Nihon University.

“This is an awakening call for possible gun violence in Japan, and we need to rethink security to protect Japanese politicians,” Kawamoto said. “It would be a big mistake to assume that this kind of attack would never happen.”

Prime Minister Abe’s security team may face serious problems. However, such attacks are extraordinary in Japan, so even the former Prime Minister has relatively light security as standard.

The last high-profile shooting occurred in 2019 when a former gang member was shot at a karaoke venue in Tokyo.

Under Japanese law, possession of firearms is illegal without special permission. It is also illegal to import them. The same rules apply to certain other weapons, such as certain knives and crossbows.

Anyone who wants to own a firearm must declare information about their family after undergoing rigorous background checks, including permission from a doctor. You also need to pass the test to show that you know how to use the gun correctly. Those who hand over and purchase weapons must also purchase a special locking system for that purpose.

After passing through these hurdles, the licensee can shoot clay pigeons. Hunting requires an additional license.

The weapon used to attack Prime Minister Abe was probably a “craft” firearm, said NR Jenzen-Jones, director of Armament Research Services, a weapons research firm.

He compared the weapon to a musket with gunpowder loaded separately from the bullet.

“The Japanese firearms law is so limited that perhaps what you see here with muzzle-loading weapons is not only an attempt to evade control of firearms, but also strict control of Japanese ammunition. I think. “He said.

The Associated Press writer John Gambrel in Lviv, Ukraine contributed to this report.

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Former Prime Minister Shinzo Abe’s shooting surprises the world that connects the country and gun control

Source link Former Prime Minister Shinzo Abe’s shooting surprises the world that connects the country and gun control

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