Four in five parents support teaching gender and sexual diversity in Australian schools

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In Australia, there is ongoing debate about how schools recognize gender and sexuality diversity. Parents are often opposed to including gender and sexual diversity content in their children’s education.However Our study Shows that 4 out of 5 parents endorse such content contained in the relationship and sexual health curriculum.

Discussions on these issues have been revived by the federal government Religious discrimination bill And NSW One Nation’s Education Law Amendment (Custody) Bill.. The federal bill currently shelved is Religious school Exile Transgender, sex――――Diverse students..New South Wales bill with gender Sexuality Diversity Public school..

Both bills have the same effect. Elimination of gender and sexual diversity from school.

So far, there has been no comprehensive study in Australia to find out what parents really want in relation to such topics in children’s education. The lack of evidence based on this study Teachers are not sure Whether it is allowed to discuss gender and sexuality diversity.

Our groundbreaking research, Published in the Journal Sex Education, sheds light on this issue.Our findings disagree with the idea that most parents are opposed to including content related to gender and sexual diversity in. school..

What did the study find?

We conducted a survey of 2,093 parents of students attending public schools nationwide.To ensure that the results are considered nationally representative, the data are Australian Adult Probability Panel.. Weight the final dataset using both demographic markers (including gender, location, and language spoken at home) and attitudes towards education, including gender and sexual diversity. rice field.

The survey asked basic questions about parents’ views on “who, what, when” in relationships and sex education. Particular focus was placed on how parents feel about including gender and sexual diversity in the curriculum.

Survey results show that 94% of parents want relationships and sex education at school. Current Australian curriculum.. When asked about gender and sexual diversity across six different topic areas, on average, 82% of parent respondents referred to them as part of their relationship and sexual health curriculum from kindergarten to the 12th year. I support including it.

Regarding the understanding of gender diversity by students of different ages, two-thirds (68%) of parents have curriculum on this topic by the end of the fourth stage of school education (7th and 8th years). I hope to introduce it to you. As in other areas, more than 80% of parents support its inclusion by the end of the 12th year.

The reasons for parents to support inclusion were clear from their views on relationships and the purpose of sexual health education. Given the choice of four central objective statements, the largest group of parents (almost 50%) should focus this curriculum area on student “empowerment, choice, consent, acceptance of diversity”. I felt that.

It ’s about fairness, inclusiveness, and safety.

These findings reflect the culture of equity and inclusion that most Australians believe. The results show parents’ understanding of the importance of inclusion.They disagree School-based harassment of diverse gender and sexuality students In this country.

These young people rarely participate in the curriculum. Not only are they invisible, they also experience discrimination by omission.

My parents are in Australia Highest youth suicide rate in the world. Tragically, The rate will be even higher For young people with diverse gender and sexuality. Their experience at school is undoubtedly related to this result.

In our survey, nearly 90% of parents wanted the curriculum to address discrimination and bullying in people of diverse genders and sexual diversity. This discovery speaks to their desire to create a safe and cozy school for all students.

What does this mean for teachers?

This study has important implications for teachers of relationships and sexual health education. Many reports They avoid gender and sexuality diversity and fear community backlash.

Nevertheless, teachers’ anxiety is widespread Federal Government Guidance It promotes student well-being. The guidelines encourage schools to foster diversity and respectful relationships and create a positive learning environment that helps students feel safe, connected and inclusive.

The Public response Religious discrimination bills and subsequent shelving emphasize how disgusting it is in nature to punish and eliminate children and adolescents from school based on their identities. Australian teachers need to be assisted in creating a school culture where these students are safe, welcome and informed about relationships and sexual health.

Educators across the country will benefit from additional guidance and support to ensure that discussing these topics is in line with the views of the majority of students. parents..

Nine in ten LGBTQ + students say they hear the word of homosexuality at school, and one in three hear it almost every day.

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Four in five parents support teaching gender and sexual diversity in Australian schools

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