FPL conducts hurricane training every year

North Palm Beach, Florida — 30 years after the devastation of Hurricane Andrew, just five years after Power & Light in Irma, Florida prepares for this year’s hurricane season.

On Thursday, approximately 3,500 FPL employees completed an intensive week-long training to respond to simulated Category 3 hurricanes for the season officially beginning June 1.

The drill also introduced some of the power recovery techniques used by FPL. This includes a preview of the new “Air 1” drone, due out later this year.

With the size of a small aircraft, it can fly up to 1000 miles, helping to collect real-time information and speed up restoration.

The FPL says it’s better prepared for the hurricane season than ever before, but it reminds us that there is no hurricane-resistant system and everyone needs to make a preparation plan.

FPL conducts hurricane training every year

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