French hospital boosts Easter staff to fight virus resurrection

Paris – A French hospital invited additional staff on the Easter holiday weekend to address the increase in virus cases. Meanwhile, travelers fled big cities by gathering at train stations and highways before the new national regulations were applied.

With the rapid spread of new virus variants and the French intensive care unit as full as it was in April last year, the government closed all schools and imposed stricter new rules that will come into force nationwide on Sunday. did.

In preparation for an increase in COVID-19 patients arriving over the weekend, the hospital, which was hit hard in northern France, was ordered to bring in additional staff.

Dr. Christoph Boyer, director of emergency services at Amiens Picardy Hospital, is worried about the increase in patient numbers, but has asked staff to work hard again after a year or more of a pandemic. I was also disappointed. Easter.

“It’s been a year trying to keep our heads on the water,” he told The Associated Press.


On Saturday, the Paris Police Department banned more than 10 kilometers (6 miles) of travel, a ban on more than six outdoor gatherings, and a nationwide curfew at 7:00 pm to enforce new virus restrictions for 6,600 people Announced that a police officer will be assigned. ..

On the Mediterranean coast of Marseille, police patrol in the sun and fine people who are not drunk or wearing masks in public.

But officials said they would be “forgiving” on Easter weekends, allowing parents to arrange childcare and city dwellers to travel to the countryside to settle on a one-month blockade. As a result, train stations in the Paris area will be congested from Friday night, and SNCF railway officials said they expect 600,000 people to travel over the weekend.

Meanwhile, the government is trying to accelerate its immunization efforts in France after a late start, plagued by vaccine delays, bureaucratic formalism, and logistics problems. People lined up at the Lyon stadium on Saturday to get vaccinated, and other vaccination centers across the country were stepping up injections throughout the holidays.


More than 96,000 people are infected with the virus in France, with more virus infections reported than in any other European country.


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French hospital boosts Easter staff to fight virus resurrection

Source link French hospital boosts Easter staff to fight virus resurrection

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